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I'm Dying from Happiness

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Nyaa!! :la: I'm dying from Happiness !

sorry!! Hello everyone ..

atchaaa!! I don't know what to say .. I drew this when I saw this art exchange [link] .. on the date Dec 26 !

Why am I happy ? she drew the K.S team! (my fan name ) even I don't care about Senguko but he is still POT character and they look good together , don't they?
The sang together in Gakuensai NDS game after Mr.Ecstasy appeared !

I'm Happy ! tooo much happy !! I know you can't see me .. but I'm as same as this stupid little girl who laughed while seeing the art on the Ipad screen !and everywhere !!

It's like a bomb! I'm bomb now! the fire won't stop ! I don't feel cold even it's winter! Lately , I had hard days .. I hug this picture to regain my soul and could stand again ... I just want to forget .. I'm in dreamy crazy mode now! if anyone annoyed me I'll start to cry .. no idea why ..but I guess because I'm too weak U_____U

I decided to color it because I want to keep it and maybe I'll laugh at it in the future to see how much funny I was when I was 27 years old ^^;

I hope you like it !

© Saeki Kojirou , Shiraishi Kuranosuke and Senguko Kiyosume from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konomi Takeshi
© Big thank! The art was drawn by *Alkanet she is super marker user!
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini


Shiraishi : ho~ I don't understand ..
Kauthar: whatever !
Shiraishi : too much happy while seeing me ,right ?
Kauthar: ofcourse not! this picture hold many amazing people !
Shiraishi : like?
Kauthar: secret!
Shiraishi : aha.. I know
Kauthar: what ?
Shiraishi : Nanya? I won't tell ya..
Kauthar: don't ever think
Shiraishi : why not , I'm there ,too
Kauthar: so?
Shiraishi : if you look at it remember I'm there too .
Kauthar: and?
Shiraishi : I'm amazing people to you, ne :heart:
Kauthar: WHAT!! not you !
Shiraishi :you said ! you said I'm amazing ! wahahah
Kauthar: Arrugh NOO! I mean the artist who draw it and of course the charact--
Shiraishi : yes who ?
Kauthar: S-Sa..
Shiraishi : say his first name ,please ?
Kauthar : O//-//O wha .. eh.. it's K-K-Ko..
Shiraishi : Kuranusoke san!!
Kauthar: Arrugh! NOOOOOo!!
Shiraishi : Un~ Ecstasy!
Kauthar : No! nO !! NO !! I hate you !!

they are running again ..

Shiraishi : No speed no life !!
Kauthar: WOYAA!!!
Senguko : lucky Shiraishi he can practice running everyday
Saeki : *smile* people can practice from this ..
Kenya : My words! ..another.. quote thief ..
Zaizen : I hear about art thief .. but quote thief ? O.o

Baka' story again gomen ...
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© 2012 - 2021 Kauthar-Sharbini
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Lovely drawing and touching words.
May you always be happy Inshalla sweet Kauthar
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
:aww: Thank you very much!! many thing in this life make me happy including you ! :glomp:
and I really hope you had a good life forever!! insha' Allah !!
Natsu19's avatar
Habeebti your words mean a lot :heart: same to you sweet Kauthar :hugs:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
thank you very much !! that makes me too much happy :la:
MangaBadger's avatar
Your welcome! It really is adorable! :aww:
I wish I'm happy right now....*hidden tears
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
what wait !! is something wrong my friend ?
SECONDARY-TARGET's avatar was just...uh, never mind ^^;
I'm pretty normal now
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
really ? you are not !
to be honest I admire people who understand science very well .. I'm really nothing in science :( ..
No, I'm not an expert on science too XD
Honestly, I'm hopeless :p
still have a lot to learn...
alvichi's avatar
awwww thats adorable
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
XD ahaha I can't stop laughing sorry ><"
in the picture she/I look funny XD but that way to expression my feeling

thank you so much Alvi !
alvichi's avatar
LOL i see XD

You're welcome
lemora16's avatar
SHAR CHAN!!! NO DIEING!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shiraishi this is your fault! Stop killing my big sis! I love her!

Oh what a cute picture she drew you though! I understand the dying from happiness! I have your picture that does that, and then a post card sent to me by :iconzeldacw:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
:giggle: you made me happy Bee chan ! thank you ! I love you too ! maybe Shiraishi is confusing how you got his cloth from valentine kiss song XD

the artist who draw this is precious to me ! and receiving from her means a lot .. I'm glad you understand this feeling too !
you are lucky to receive from her a post card !! :dummy: We are same :la:

Thank you Bee chan for your support !!! there is upcoming picture of you !! I need to finish my works then start drawing !!
lemora16's avatar
YAY! I make Shar-chan happy! YES! I must be sure to make you happy every day ^^ So I can feel good about myself too! ^^ Maybe he is...and no Shiraishi I am not giving up my shirt I love my shirt its warm!

Aww that is so cool. ^^ I love getting art and stuff from people. ^^ I need to write more on stories lately I have been lacking in that department...I'm going to get comments again about not updating things.

You're welcome! I'm always ready to support great artists. ^^ Oh you are?! AWW you are so sweet Shar-chan now you have made my day too ^^
AkiDemi's avatar
how cuttee!! have u receive my christmas wishing in twitter kau-chan?^u^ i'm so glad to hear you're feeling better! i'm so sorry i haven't been on here for a long time so i have no idea you're so sad before >.<"" hope life is treating you better now!:iconpikachuhugplz:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
thank you Rikooo taan ! I've missed you so much and AAA XD
no , O_O I'm sorry I haven't seen it !! I'm going to check it NOW!! ,

My life is always best since I visit DA ^^ and see you around !

don't worry .. I was a bit sad <strikr>(and lonely from his annoying XD) because of unclear feeling in my life but I forgot it and let it go . I don't care because I have Riko tan in my life!

thank you very much for everything !

AkiDemi's avatar
hehe aww~~ hehe i missed chu too! >3< i still love AAA till now xD hehe

aww~~ how sweet of you! thank you kau-chan! so glad to hear everything is better now for you :D i'll try to be on da more to see you!^^
CJ-DB's avatar
It's very cute :love:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
thank you !! ^^;
it's some of my stupid life day XD
Alkanet's avatar
You look so happy and cute :D Thanks for all the compliments! All the effort I put in the picture was worth it when I read your happy comments *^_^* I'm sorry that you had some bad days, I hope everything goes better from now on! :hug: (I love your conversation with Shiraishi :D )
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
*OO* that's too much appreciating !! you are here to share with me !! :iconepiclaplz:
you deserve it ! and all your works are amazing! really! I'm glad I could talk to you more than before!

thank you for caring !all my sadness are faded away after this picture! I even don't know why I was sad before or why I'm feeling happy now ..
since they are around I can feel relax and feel that all DA friends are around ! I guess .. it's still too hard to leave TPOT ..

I may never stop talking sorry ^^; ( that character is really annoying .. if I could delete him for once? )

thank you again :iconaawplz:
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