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A bunny is behind Shishi

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:wave: Yeay! Hello

I've missed DA again in a short time! I'm going to work after 4 hours "fail"XD
while I was revision my progress , I remembered Shishi :iconmokonatenshi: ><' I drew her in bombstyle with kawaiii bunny ! *fail to draw Pika XD*
it's another Fresh art! from Ipad to PC XD :star: Ipad Sketches :star: .. I did the edit XD

:bulletred:~ A Bunny is behind me ~:bulletblue:

Shishi loves cute animals . All animals love her because her kindness . While Shishi was touring in the new park , a cute bunny wanted to be her friend . The rabbit tries to get her attention from behind but Shshi didn't notice . The bunny felt angry and hit her head from behind . Shisji said "awww!" but instead she wasn't angry at bunny . She looked at the bunny which was standing on her head . Let's be a friends! . The bunny felt happy

The End

I love big cute :iconlaplz: :la: and little cute << :iconepiclaplz: my lovely Shishi on my Ipad :iconlawooplz:
Happy Happy Happy ...
Shiraishi : Kau chan feels always happy in every moment ==; specially when she draws her DA friends ,
Kauthar: Yeah! Ecstasy!!! :D
Shiraishi : Nanya!!! that's my word)

The title doesn't suit on the picture , right ?><' but I got it when I made this work in progress it's almost like a movie . the bunny was really behind Shishi . here >[link]
I hope you like it ! :dance:

drawing via ibispaint on Ipad
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini
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I want sunny day ! It has been raining lately~always and always, so I can't see the sun :(
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Aww so adorable ; u ;
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you're welcome
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Thank you ! I'm happy you like it
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Kawaii bunny! I like bunnies!
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Nyaaaaaaa :la: Bee chan loves everyone all animals ! You are amazing ! :la:

Thank you very much my friend :glomp:
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I do I do!

you're welcome!
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masyaAllah senpai~! you also good at using ipad~! and the movie! dawwww its moving~!
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Alhamduli Allah thank you Nur !
I've missed making animation ! It's been four years that I haven't published any movie , bad me !
InsrhaAllah ! I'm planning simple project of movie .. Still in process ,
Thank you very much Nur chan an don't forget you are the best :la:
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ohmyAllah~! senpai going to make new movie~!!! >o<
you know senpai, you should take animation course and let's study animation together~! XD
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Oh I really wish ! But it's impossible .. I don't know why I am different than my family . I have dreams not here I'n place wherei live , but I'd love to someday ! Specially with you ! It will be paradise !
Good luck to you Nur I can't wait to see your works someday !
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you too Kauthar~senpai Good luck to you too~!
May Allah bless you~!
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Amin to you too insha Allah
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You're getting better at using Ipad :heart:

The soft colors you used make it seem worm and sunny ,its a peaceful drawing^^
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go a head and hug it , the bunny annoyed Shishi to be her friend if you watched the movie in process XD
do you think so ? thank you !! actually the programe stopped while I was doing the sun ...and I couldn't edit it the file corrupted ><'

I'm very happy to read every word you've said! you made my day sunny although it's so cold :glomp:
thank youuuuuuuuuu!
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This drawing made me smile, thank you Kau-chan! <33333
I dont know how I can show all of my love and thanks to you in this comment box (it's too small! haha)
and loved the little video! ;u; and the story ~
I love you Kau-chan ~ I feel so honored haha :iconoldschoolownedplz:
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you watched the movie! *OO* oh my thank you ~
I'm planning to make real movie of us ! just cute x cute story to make people happy XD .. is it bad idea > u < ?

no it's not small box =D the comment box is always large from sweet words!

I'm happy you like it and made you smile Shishi :glomp: !! it's blessing to know you and I really wanna say that !! :la:

stay healthy !!
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really?! that's so cool! what an adorable idea ~
haha I think it's a good idea ^.^

I'm very happy to have met you over dA Kau-chan!
I think Prince of Tennis linked us together ;D haha
but not through Shiraishi heh

stay healthy as well ~ c:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
:aww: do you think so :aww:
gonna collect kawaii kawaii idea more :la: thank you for your opinion .

ahaha yeah prince of tennis :aww: but not really I guess Pikatchu did that ,too:D nyahaha !
HAA!!! Why his name was mentioned here !! .. *feels Burrning*

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Very adorable! :love:
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:la: thank you !! ever and forever :la:
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