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A Gift for You with Kaidoh and Haruko

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Hello ! :wave:

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I've been resting for along time! trying to forget about 5 weeks left for my holiday >__<
Anyway anyway !! >o<

It was requested from my friend! :iconkaizoku-no-yume:
please !! I have nothing to do ! I do love this couple! :la: They are Kaidoh and Haruko again !!! :dating: my lovely pair forever !

I'm sorry for late! I was thinking about them >w< .. better .. lovely .. and cute as they are !
so land in this and I really hope you'll like it !
as usual , </i>NO story NO art </i> I'm acting as Kenya nyahahah XD

Kaidoh without bandana O.O what happen ? feel free to read and I'll be appreciate !
..he looks cute isn't he :giggle: (he may kill me for this word ) not really , actually Kaidoh love when someone say a good thing about him especially the old people , I"m old people XD

this is a short fanfiction : rating on:K+ Genre : Drama . Characters: Kaidoh Kauro X Haruko Hibari , and Seigaku team.

:bulletblue::bulletred: A Gif for You :bulletred::bulletblue:

Haruko was walking out of school after saying goodbye to her friends . She walkthrough a small shops around . Suddenly , she found a pretty thing ! she entered quickly inside the shop! after a while she came out with a little box " I'm sure he will love it" she said happily and went home .

At the Seigaku tennis court . "Hoi hoi!" Eiji was exciting after knowing they will go to mountain . " It's not a picnic Eiji" Fuji said smiley "we'll do especial training there no more "Inui said as usual fixing his glasses . Eiji trying to find someone who would agree. "It's fine , Eiji always exciting for everything " Taka-san said calmly . " why not ! we'll have a great time , right Taka san "Eiji handled him a racket in Taka-san's hand "BURRRNING! WE HAVE Exciting PICNIC BAYBY !" everyone looked gloomy ."ma! Momo chan doesn't have problem with mountain! but we are not sure about Mamushii " Momo looked at Kaidoh" What? " Kaidoh wondered sized his eyes" I know you are afraid from high right" Momo started against Kaidouh " Fsuuuu!" they faced each others but Eiji came middle of them and pushed them away" No no fighting ! this is our picnic and we'll enjoy!" both turned their face " sigh" Ryoma felt bored . " Well, everyone ! tomorrow we'll move tomorrow so prepare everything !" Oishi said " Meeting is over " Tezuka agreed and everyone went back home.

At the next morning , Kaido was running around , then he stepped into the river . He knew he could not practice today because they well go after hour with their coach , "Kaidoh-kun!" he turned to see Haruko chan was running down .He smiled seeing her running toward him" I've got someth-" before she complete her words, she slipped over the wet grasses . Kaidoh quickly grabbed her "Haruko!" he said worried " Ah! yeah um-I'm fine " she said . While she was trying to stand , she felt over him. " Haruko?" Kaidoh asked again" ah.. " she noticed she had injured her knee "you are hurt!" Kaidoh kneel down to see " It's fine um-I'm okey !" she said . Kaidoh let her sit down and went quickly to river , he took off his bandana and wet by water . Then , he back to Haruko" wait! what are you doing this is your bandana you can't.. " "shuu!" kaido did not let her to speak and cover her knee with his bandana " at least bacteria wont come " he said . Haruko felt sad "I'm sorry.." she almost tearing . " Don't look like that ! you are strong" he said " but.. your bandana .." she felt sad . "can you stand ?" he helped her . "yes I can .." .
They rode a taxi and went to hospital . "wait Kaidoh! we don't need! I'm Okay "she asked him to change the direction . " we can't ! we have to go to heal your injured "

At the hospital , half hour passed . the nurse came out "she is fine , I'm glad there is no broken so everything is fine " Kaidoh entered the room and found her sitting " Kaidoh.." she looked at him with sad face . "the nurse said you are fine " he said relived " I am a live don't worry " she smiled then he smiled back shyly " will you excuse me, I have to go I'm late " . Haruko couldn't say a words and he left her .

"Everyone is here ?" Oishi declared front of the team bus. " yahoo~ I'm here" Eji waved excitingly " not only you Eiji ==; " Oishi said with small laugh . " Kaidoh?" Ryoma asked. " na~ he won't come .." Momshiro said "What ? are you sure ?!" Oishi worried . " you know Kaidoh afraid from the- " before he complete his words " You are sure? or you'll drink my special WWD delux juice " Inui asked . " AAh.. yeah sure.. " Momo said afraid . Ryoma pointed at the window , he asked Momo to see . Momo took a peek , he saw Kaido had arrived talked to coach .Then he back to his seat with gloomy face . " you'll drink it " Inui with shiny glasses gave the juice "No no ononono !! Whaaaaa!" *someone died in this journey*

Inside the buss, Kaido was sitting next to window silently " Nyaa" Eiji jumped from the front seat "Eiji sempai" he surprised " where is your bandana nya?" Eiji asked , everyone turned to look at him . " ARE? really what happen to your bandana?" Taka-san wondered . " ehehe!" Fuji smiled . " Kaidoh never forget his bandana , what happen today ?" Oishi talking to himself " forgetting his bandana 0%" Inui was writing in his note " but he forget the bandana " Ryoma commented in Inui's note . " Ah you are right .. but that's impossible for 100%" Inui said ." nee Teazuka ? what do you think " Fuji asked Tezuka , Tezuka starred at the window and no words come out " ehehe evn Tezuka is wondering " Fuji chucked ." HORRAAAA!stop talking " the Ryuzeki sensei shouted at them . " Nya? I told ya not to talk XD" Eiji whispered smiley. After all these, Kaidoh paused , he even did not noticed that he forgot his bandana with Haruka chan . and kept on silent .

They arrived safely , the coach showed them the training camp , and all the team started to run . They took a short break for the lunch . But Kaidoh went to the nearest river . He stand on it and start to practice his snake shot. "so , Kaidoh" Kaidoh shocked to see Inui behind him " Inui sempai!" " as I expected to see you in place like this . but swinging the clothe without bandana in your head is little creepy" Inui said " Nothing different .." Kaidoh turned and kept on practicing . " anyway , you must back it's to sunny here " Inui advice him and climbed to the training camp .

After a while , Kaidoh stopped practicing and intended to back . While he was going to go out of the river , someone jumped "here you are!" " H-!Hakuko?" Kaidoh widened his eyes . " don't be shock like this! don't forget I'm in the tennis girl team ,too ! so we also, went to the mountain!" she told him before he asked . " how did you know I'm here ?" he asked , She raised the umbrella to cover him " here, it's too hot , isn't ? " she said ." actually , Inui sempai told me that, why you don't want to see me anymore ?" Kaidoh kept silent and his face turned into red " fshuuu.." he was happy to see her again . They stop talking for a while " Haruko? are you what about your inured ?" he started " It's good , thank you Kaidoh for your help " she smiled . Kaidoh blushed after seeing her pretty smiling " I-It was N-nothing" . She giggled " actually , I rushed because I wanted to give you this" Haruko handled him a pocket" what is this?" Kaidoh wondered " I hope you will like it " .He opened the box " a bandana..?" it was a blue bandana . "yeah , I wanted to give you this " Kaidoh wore the blue bandana " eh?" Haruko surprised and did not know if he liked it or not . "it's good! " he liked it " you look cute " Haruko said to him " Kaidoh blushed" fshuuuu.." " heehehehe " Haruko giggled then " um.. Kauru kun .. can I keep your old bandana with me? " she asked shyly . Kaidoh looked down and said" sure... " . Haruko hugged him " thank you ! " Kaidoh held his breathe. Then, she showed him his old bandana " this bandana saved my life " she stroked it to her cheek " Kaidoh smiled while seeing her . " Ah you smiled ! you look cute! show me more !" Haruko teased him "fshuu.." Kaido blushed then stood " let's go back !" Haruko agreed and they went to training camp . They had had a hard day but they got amazing gifts for each others .

"Woh! Kaidoh changed his bandana nya! OwO ! Eiji said
" 100 laps around the mountain " Tezuka ordered
" I told you not to talk ...." he felt down ..poor Eiji , he had a punishment .

The End

I hope you like reading it :aww:!

I think I've lost my skill to write O_____O *run to the dream novels sites*:nuu:

Well, Kaidoh kun really love collecting bandana , so I was wondering how would he react if he got one from a girl .. ..I think he will be happy :love: thinking ...
what do you think?

I hope you like it ! :iconkaizoku-no-yume: Thank you for commission me again and give me chance to write about Haruko & Kaidoh again !

and I hope Everyone will like it too :love:

More stories of them
:heart: Haruko X kaidoh :heart:

© Kaidoh Kaoru , from anime Prince of tennis belong to Konomi Takeshi
© Haruko Hibari belong to =Kaizoku-no-Yume
© Window of fantasy Bomb style character design Kauthar Sharbini
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Awww Kaido is so cuteee :)
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
>u< thank you !
you made my day ! :aww:
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I heard "nya" in my head while Eiji said it :meow:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
:meow: Eiji always make voice nya!
thank you
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sure he is ! 
but i hear it like he is behind me lol :rofl:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
Maybe he is ! Turn www Did you see him XD 
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i just see shira-chan =p
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Shira? do you know her?
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Shiraishi ne~~
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A-Aaaaaah !!! *spin* Kawaiikawaiikawaii~~ ♥♥♥
Oh my Kau-chan, it's so cute, so fluffy, so soft ♥ :iconrenarikaspinplz:
The colours are fantastics *A* And Kaoru looks so cute ♥ Haruko too ♥
And the story... oh my, I can't handle it, I'm jumping everywhere in my room~ :iconfangasmingplz:
I love the bandana gift, it's exactly what Haruko will give him ♥
Olalala~ I'm so excited now xD WAAAAAIIII~~  *raises her arms like a madwoman*
Kkkkkuuuuh hontou ni arigatou Kau-chan ♥ ♥ Thank you, thank you ♥ They are so cute together :iconmahfeelzplz:
I need this as my phone wallpaper, now ! \o/ *runs everywhere like a Shiraishi*
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
:iconlawooplz: I think have that feeling when you gave me the request again ! I really love them ! love love love! :iconepilaplz:
I spin around ! I hope you are doing well now ^^;

I'm very happy you like it! I was worried that you won't like it ><
so you are planning to make Hibai chan gives bandana to him ? waaah ! :la:I can't wait to see your arts of them  again !!
Olalala ! :dummy: rise with you ! for Kaidoh and Hibari!!!!

and you are welcome ! I really thank you for commission me for 3rd time! that really make me happy ! thank you for trusting me to draw them !

*OO* you'll put it in your phone wallpaper ! thank you ssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo much !!
Haruko chan and Kaido will be with you forever!

O__O  run as Shiraishi?  where !!

thank you again :iconaawplz:
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Amazing, such awesome work by all of you! but like the picture mostly :P this art has a very sensitive touch, brings a lot of feelings too! really great job! more please! <3
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
my arts depend on who I draw ^^ , because they are my favorite couple , my emotions worked on it :love:
thank you very much Chris! :aww: I'm very happy you like my arts! I really appreciate your concerning  ! >u<
thank you again !
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awwww!!! I love the shading! Looks like a lovely place to be and hang out c: water looks so clear too ~ They're so cute together <333
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
Shishi ! :iconaawplz: I should draw more to see Shishi around >w<
I really missed you I hope you are doing well in studying !

you like the shading!? thank you so much ! my sister didn't like it .. but I'm glad you agree with me >u< .
I think you are right about the place .. I don't think it's hot place as I write in the story ^^;,However , I wish to be in  place like this someday with you , what will Shishi do there ? humm.  !playing with Pika maybe >u<
I'm happy you like them ! I'm glad I could send to others how they are perfect together ! :iconepiclaplz:

thank you Shishi  ! you made my day :dummy:
MokonaTenshi's avatar
Haha I missed youuuuu :iconbrohugplz:

I haven't been on dA lately just because I've been on tumblr more and I haven't been drawing a lot >___< ;;;
I'm on vacation now :dummy: but I go back to school in 3 weeks! OAO;;

hahaha it'd be nice to play with you and Pika in a place like that c:
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its cuteeee... love the scene and how romantic they are ^^
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
do they look romantic? wow I thought I couldn't do something like that XD (for someone who against romance)
or maybe you are in romantic mood now :giggle: (just kidding)

thank you so much ! your words always precious to  make me happy :dummy: !!
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It's adorable! :love:
Kauthar-Sharbini's avatar
thank you !! I'm happy you said that my friend :glomp:
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