Self-insert Sunday - no.3

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Hey there~ :wave:

Welcome to Self-insert Sunday!
My internet connection was freaking out today, but
I managed to get this journal still posted OTL
This time it's about a mobile otome game a friend of mine recommended me ♥

Enjoy~~ :tighthug: *puts the tumblr post description here to explain about the game~

So my Mystic Messenger friend recommended me this game with beautiful art, The Arcana Game AND I REALY LIKE IT. ESPECIALLY YOU, ASRA.

I like how MC is never shown, thus you can imagine the MC however you like. Self-inserts are even easier like this ♥ which allowed me to imagine this turn during this scene in the game e w e (excuse the outfit mistake in the second panel ahhhh)

oh you bet I want to play this more / ///w/// \

Self-insert Sunday no. 3

game: The Arcana, characters: me, Asra
tumblr post

All the lines are canon EXCEPT for the last two panels.
I simply had to, it had so much potential right there
Pervy emoji Hentai is real.

This was so good to work on lol

Self-insert Sunday so far:

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