Self-insert Sunday - no.1

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Hello there~ :glomp:

I was thinking of starting a series called Self-insert Sunday, in which I will share random drawings of me interacting in one way or another with various fictional characters, for the fun of it. It might turn out interesting, after all,
and to me it's also relaxing~

I hope you'll enjoy it! and I'd love to discuss multi-fandom stuff with all of you, so don't be shy! ; w ;

Self-insert Sunday no. 1

series: Tokyo Ghoul, characters: me, Haise Sasaki

My comic is like a sly fox, there's a meaning behind things in here, so if anything catches your curiosity,
ask away~ heheh

Till next time~!

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Yes I like this idea :D !
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alrighty then, more shall come!! :iconx3v2plz:
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Wow, this is a brilliant and fun idea! I look forward to seeing your future ones.
Tokyo Ghoul is a gem, an extremely dark and twisted gem, but a gem, nonetheless.
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Thank you for the warm support, it's encouraging :heart:!
I'm on my way to catch up with the latest chapters, I already know all the major spoilers at this point, but I still want to read them myself xD  that'll be a trip