Long-time absence. Greetings and updates

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Hello everyone who is still on dA.

I just wanted to leave a message after such a long time of inactivity.

I'm alright and I hope anyone who reads this is in good health.

The world has been and still is rather nuts these days, huh?

But we'll get through it all.

Anyway, in terms of dA, I think I won't be active on this website anymore.

I won't deactivate my account, but I won't really be here either.

The success of this account went downhill anyway and I didn't find enjoyment in uploading stuff and the little feedback. To the ones I often talked in the last years on this websites, know I had fun doing that, but I hope you understand my decision.

Take care :hug:

P.S.: guys, I don't recognize this site anymore, I have no idea how to adapt to this layout and for a long-time user like me it feels very unfamiliar :( I don't know, it seems a better place for more pro uploads, like in building portfolios, but for the stuff I was used to around here, this is a whole different platform now! Oh well...

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Oh, look who's alive? :giggle:

Can't say I'm surprised about this decision...

Are you on discord or another website now instead?

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Hello, captain!! :hug: I hope you're doing well :heart:

Sadly no, I just keep my tumblr accounts (kaus-quietis and kaus-fangirlis) but rarely log in, and I don't think I'll keep my art accounts updated anymore... Guess this is the end of the line, or one line, who knows.

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Hey. :rose:
Ah, not really, no. There's a lot of shit going down my end. Hope you're doing well.
Wow, you're dropping completely off the grid, huh? :O
I listed some of my public accounts on my profile. Might add more later on if I other interesting communities. If you create a profile on one of those, hit me up there. :hug: