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Hey there~ ! Papyrus Cape
Yes, I'll slowly but surely will become more active here again Undertale SOUL - Light Blue 
I finished Art uni and some other official real-life things, big things, of which I'll probably tell you in a future journal, once everything is settled down :la:

Till then, though, I want to celebrate coming back by offering a few quick

little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji  free requests! little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji little star emoji 

Nothing too complicated, one character, human/humanoid shape is preferred.

The number of requests is unlimited until I state they're closed :)

I eagerly await your replies~ Kao Emoji-25 (You're the star) [V2]
I hug you all, peace~ 



  • [UPDATE JULY 11th 10 PM]

As of now, I accepted 7 requests here on dA and 2 on my tumblr blog,
a total of 9 requests so far.
I'll keep the journal open overnight,
but tomorrow, depending on how many requests there are,
I'll take the freedom to choose which ones and how many I can work on
without overworking and making this small event a mess :noes:
I'm thinking about a maximum of around 20 requests, just to estimate.
Alright then, see ya~
  • [UPDATE JULY 12th 7 PM]
In total, I got around 14 requests now, and I decide I close these now. :)
Some still need a final confirmation reply from the requester for things to be clear and nice :eager:
Thanks, everybody! :heart: I'll try submitting the finished pieces till next weekend :hug:~




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Hello and congrats on your recent success! I hope you make more kingdom hearts art because we all know KH3 is coming and it defiantly WON’T be delayed again coughyesitwillcough! Anyway, I’d like to request a pic of my OC Shawn request for Shawntheimmortal94 by Chains95  (With his left eye covered, he’s right handed) wearing thistypemoon.wikia.com/wiki/File:A… and a keyblade version of his sword, please typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/File:P…

I hope it’s not too complicated bit if is then I’m fine with just you drawing Shawn wearing the clothes on the first pic.
kaus-quietis's avatar
Hey there~
Honestly life advanced so fast for me these months that waiting for KH3 was more tolerable than I'd have imagined :XD: even if it would be delayed, I wouldn't be so mad (but that would mean that I would be able to play it only during next spring vacation, and that seems so far away ; ^ ; oh well)
I plan to do more KH fanart (or gaming-related, generally), I've been a fan for so many years already after all~ Thanks for the encouragement!
I can draw your OC in the requested clothes, but to make a keyblade design of the requested sword would take quite a bit more time for these simple request offers ^^; So if you're ok with me drawing the OC with the requested outfit, but without the keyblade/sword, then I accept the request
you tell me :)
Shawntheimmortal94's avatar
Oh yeah? So let’s say they push KH 3 back like they did to the FF 7 remaster(2020 I think) XD

Np, I’ve played the KH 1 and 2 and I love them but these other games like chain of memories(the card one) was so annoying to me! Just let me fight normally! I hate that part of the game! Also like I said, the plot confusing!

Okay, I’m fine with that, thank you~I still need to come up with the design of the keyblade anyway since the keyblade is suppose to match the personality of the weirder, right? Anyway, thnaks for taking my request XD
kaus-quietis's avatar
You know, I've spent enough time on the internet to value my personal chill, so why fight and scream for a release date or for a delay, when I can live my life, study my stuff, and get the game when it's out, genuinely enjoying it after Kitty Emoji 6 Being a fan or a gamer is more than getting upset by marketing and release schedules, imo
((but yes I am so thirsty for dat FFVII remake, holy shit))

Ohh I'd recommend you give them more time/more chances, I do value all the games for what they are (yeah, even the mobile game, which I abandoned though, because that's a different business behind it). CoM had a very intriguing plot to me, yes, confusing but it was so full of things that kept me highly interested :eager: I played it on the GBA, I think it works better on a GBA probably. Also my favourite game ended up being DDD for the 3DS and the summer I spent playing it was the most beautiful summer of my high school years Kitty Emoji 11

Well, if you'll be interested in the future, I'm thinking about opening commissions in August. Till then, I hope this requests turns out nice for both of us :)
Shawntheimmortal94's avatar
XD FF7 remaster will never come out, I think the devs are too busy making Tifa’s boobs smaller XDDD I shouldn’t joke around though because I want KH 3 too!

Well hopefully when(if) they combine all the games into one game and put it for x-box one then hopefully they improve the combat of COM but then again I heard they nerfed sepharoth in the remix of KH 2 and let me tell you that I felt proud AF when I finally kicked his ass and all hours I spent getting to LV 99 and getting the ultima weapon made it worth it! Also fenrir is a cool keyblade!

If you’re doing point commissions then sure! I trust ya, Shawn is in good hands, I’ll be waitingXD
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This sounds really cool!

Not sure if you draw anthros or not, but if you do, can I request a drawing of Michael please?


He's an anthropomorphic grayish-blue superhero cat with enhanced abilities. If you read the description on the submission, it features his origins and such.

If you can't draw anthros I completely understand. Despite that, congrats on your graduation and thank you so much for hosting this amazing opportunity! :)

- Brando
kaus-quietis's avatar
I'm afraid I'm not that good with anthros, so I'll have to refuse, I apologize Emoji26
Thank you nonetheless! I wish you the best :tighthug:
Acaciathorn's avatar
If you're interested...

kaus-quietis's avatar
Omg, I'm blown-away, they're so handsome sparkles emoji Emoji13
Request accepted!! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
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Hello! Would you like to draw him?
kaus-quietis's avatar
I can try! The artwork style is very simple, so I hope that my interpretation would be alright with you, let's hope that :)
Also from all the time I spent with my 3DS, I recognize the Mii vibes :XD:
Request accepted~
MilkieCafe's avatar
Could you draw this child for me? Thanks for the opportunity C:
Preston - toyhou.se/1015109.preston#3726…
kaus-quietis's avatar
Oh, a cute "lone shepherd" character, huh? Sounds like a really adorable guy :heart: I'll do my best :)
Request accepted <3
MilkieCafe's avatar
thank you so much <33
kaus-quietis's avatar
Late update: I can't access the character page anymore, can you give me a new link to it? :<
MilkieCafe's avatar
sure ill just put him up on stash since his page on the other link is under construction.

Preston 1 (by Dawi-P)
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Could u do a shipping post of Wade and Samantha from Ready Player One(In their human forms)

and make sure u give Wade his glasses and Samantha her birthmark.
kaus-quietis's avatar

For these requests I set a limit of 1 character per request, so a shipping implies 2 characters, I'm afraid I'll have to refuse :<
but also because I didn't see the movie yet and I wanna do that someday this summer, till then I avoid info and spoilers :XD:
Marylemon42's avatar
Then do Samantha in human form
kaus-quietis's avatar
I am not familiar with any of the characters, I didn't watch the movie. Sorry, I can't draw this request.
LunaProtostar's avatar
//slides in & drops my boy
Almond by WaneProtostar  
Thank you for considering & congratz on passing all your stuff :3
//moonwalks away
kaus-quietis's avatar
"Love is delicious, people are tasteless" omggggg Fire 3 Burn baby burn Fire 1
that's one sick phrase, I love it

you wrote "rock, metal, other heavy minerals" lol but as a rocker myself I have a question, can I eventually possibly put a hot black leather jacket on him? Well I am half-serious, I'll keep the original outfit of course :XD: request accepted :heart:
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