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[Undertale] Fandom reactions Part1

So this summer I played Undertale and like any fan I was curious about the fandom. What could possibly happen?

Part 1 (here) ||| Part 2 (to be continued maybe, if you are interested)
Undertale SOUL - Red Undertale (game) --> Toby Fox
Undertale SOUL - Monster Undertale's surely vast fandom --> entirely ours, fellow fans. :O

*note: nothing wrong with Nationtale there, it's a joke cuz I've been in the Hetalia fandom long enough to know where that could go :laughing:

♦ please don't be harsh with me for this, take it light-heartedly :XD:
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Felizias's avatar
Lol, the undertale fandom is crazy! :XD:
Which AUs do you like though?
I think flowerfell is nice. :)
kaus-quietis's avatar
Well, I like Error!Sans for his purpose lol and his personality xD and his glasses
and I love Faithtale (the quality!! so good, this has potential!)
and the Handplates comic series is AMAZING
I also ADORE potoobrigham's Growth Spurt AU ; w ;
I gotta listen to the Overgrowth fanfic to really see what Flowerfell was about but some of the fanart for it is so emotional, darn
also diesel-1997's Tribetale has breathtakingly beautiful art and ahhh it all just looks so peaceful and beautiful :heart:
can't remember anything else for the moment :XD:
still gotta see and research more :) there IS stuff with potential and beauty
Felizias's avatar
Oh, I have read part of the Handplates one without noticing. :XD:
The others I did not even know about. :O This fandom is shockingly big and creative!
kaus-quietis's avatar
Handplates is so good, it's a long ambitious project imo, a lot of hard work was put in it and I appreciate every post :heart:
and well, there are so many things here though :XD:
you should check out this Underfell fangame, though it's not finished yet, it has brilliant, brilliant voice acting!! Especially Error Sans's laugh when you get to that part is a gift straight from ... hell!! hahah :evillaugh: and I love Sans's voice there, it's perfect ; w ;
Felizias's avatar
Ok, I will see when I get around to trying it. :D
InkForOne's avatar
This was pretty much my reaction to all the Undertale AUs. You hit the nail on the head.
kaus-quietis's avatar
I still hope that someday I'll know all the fanon names and major AUs decently, just so I don't get completely lost :XD:
I wish someone knowleadgeable could help me with the names things tbh :lol:
InkForOne's avatar
I only know a few off the top of my head.

Underswap: Pairs of monsters have their personalities switched. Asgore is in the ruins, leaving Toriel to rule the kingdom because he became disgusted with her new policies. Papyrus is lazy (decked out in his orange hoodie and cargo shorts) and Sans is eager and happy-go-lucky (sporting a blue and gray battle body). Alphys is a badass, axe-wielding warrior and Undyne is a quiet, shy scientist. Muffet runs a bakery/diner in Snowdin, while Grillby...does something in Hotland. Can't remember. Napstaton is a star and Hapstablook lives in Waterfall. Oh, and Temmie is the villain and there's a village of friendly Floweys.

The only fanon names I know from this AU are Sans and Papyrus. Sans is called Blueberry (or Blue for short) and...actually there are at least three names I've seen given to Papyrus. He's either Stretch, Honey or Orange. I guess pick your favorite? This is probably the nicest of the AU's, as you'll soon find out.

Underfell: Everyone is evil, angsty and shops at Hot Topic. The end.

The only fanon names I know are again, Sans and Papyrus. Sans is usually called Red in this AU, and the only name I know for Papyrus is Black. Red calls him "boss", and instead of Papyrus being a caring brother, he rules over Sans like a spoiled brat, and remember the bit about evil and angst? Yeah...

Swapfell: Take the Sans and Papyrus of Underswap and send them through an Underfell makeover. Sans is the brat ruling over Papyrus in this one. Sans is called Blackberry or maybe Raspberry? and Papyrus is...Mutt? I don't know any other names for him. Papyrus refers to his brother as "m'lord" (gag) and does his every whim. In Underfell, Papyrus and Sans' dynamic is more like boss/employee (without the pay of course. Or an HR (MR?) department. Or any semblance of respect or dignity....), while in Swapfell, it's more like master/slave.

Horrortale: Everyone and everything's the same, except ten times creepier. Everyone's starving down in the Underground, so humans are hunted for food. 

Error Sans: In some ironic response to all the AUs, Error is some glitched-out version of Sans who hops between worlds and tries to destroy AUs. I guess he lives in the code or something? Can't remember.

Ink Sans: The opposite of Error, this Sans loves to create, and I guess makes AUs left and right? Again, not sure on these guys.

Outertale: One of the nicer AUs, the monsters were banished to outer space instead of Underground, and the story I guess goes very similar to the original, but in space. Everyone has really cool space/galaxy themed outfits. And I think all the areas are actually different planets now?

Underlust: For a start, everyone acts like Mettaton EX, except for Mettaton (who is actually quite modest) and Papyrus (who tries to act like everyone else but fails because...well...he's Papyrus). The king has a royal harem instead of royal guard. I was kind of ready to write this one off as a joke, but people have managed to make comics about this one following Papy and Mettaton, and it's a great vehicle for talking about the physical vs emotional aspects of a relationship. All in all, it could be worse, I guess. Someone took a silly idea and made something interesting out of it. Not my favorite AU, but at least someone injected some depth and maturity into this one.

Um...well...I don't know much more about these AUs, and I'm by no means an expert. I'm not a big fan of the AUs in general because they focus way too much on Sans, and they often deviate so far from the source material its like some really really really cringey fanfiction. That's all I got. Hope that helped.
kaus-quietis's avatar
Wow, you indeed helped me a lot with the names! The info on the AUs I mostly knew already, after all I am still "researching" the Undertale AUs and want to know the available info/plot for a decent number of them. Anyway, this helps me fill the list a bit. ((So THAT's where Blackberry is from! thanks!))
You know, being a Sans fan in a Sans-obsessed fandom is quite uncomfortable :< ... It's strange to see so many AU Sanses around, it's ironically too much no matter if he's my favourite character (took me long enough time n analysis to choose him as a fav after 3 gameplays, but even with reasons it's kinda uncomfortable to see so much of the sansfangirling.)

Unironically I love Error!Sans for his, hahah, "noble" purpose :laughing: He can be really cool!! I actually followed all the official blog's comics of him lol
Can't say the same for Ink!Sans, no offense but his design is like a cringy 2000s "graphic design is my passion" OC with obligatory rainbows and stars...

The list goes on, of course, but there's no need or use in listing everything here when there's that AU wikia with over 1000 articles on it! *shivers*
Dravoo's avatar
Oh oh oh you found my friend Bluberry!? :D
kaus-quietis's avatar
Blueberry was, like, the first AU Sans I saw everywhere :XD:
and that was just the beginning o 7 o ;
Dravoo's avatar
Oh ;w; I was hoping it was my friend who uses that name online.

Did it get worse? ewe
kaus-quietis's avatar
Oh, Blueberry from... KHI! They also had a dA account. Right? I think I remember now :XD:

Depends each time, sometimes it got worse, sometimes it got awesome :nod:
Dravoo's avatar
She does! She has a tumblr too. ewe Wanna see?

xD lol So the full spectrum.
kaus-quietis's avatar
I think I still got her on my old account so it's fine :)

absolutely ^^;
Dravoo's avatar
xD haha Spectrum is scary no?
Sprinkles257's avatar
I respect your opinion! Personally though, I love everything about this fandom, weird or otherwise. :P
kaus-quietis's avatar
Thank you, I just made this for the bad laughs, after all :XD:
this fandom is a rather... intimidating place for a newcomer! and I've been in a lot of fandoms before ^^;
Sprinkles257's avatar
You're welcome! I haven't been in many, probably two including this one, haha.
kaus-quietis's avatar
That's actually great, it's best to keep your levels of sanity high and not burn in fandom hell :laughing:
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