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Yessssssssssssssssssssssss you're playing it! ;w; This is so good.
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I finished it these days, every ending BUT ending Y, I'll reserve that for later
and with 54/60 quests done I think I am ready to call it "done"
it was a fascinating game, it broke me, it made me so angry in the end, but after long contemplation I can't help but love the experience it gave me
I love the fact that I played it, I can only recommend it, this is a beautiful cruel sad game
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Damn you already got all the real and joke endings!? :D Endings Y and Z really hit me. TuT I had watched a series of vids on Drakengard and Nier beforehand (I was curious) and learned of Emils backstory. It hurt my soulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

I was also surprised to learn Nier and Nier Automata are based on a joke ending form Drakengard 1. Pretty much every Nier and Drakengard game is a timeline branch. It's cool to dig into and at the same time you dont even need to to enjoy them.

So you find it sad even after getting to ending E? =3 Interesting, I dont blame ya for stopping. I only completed every quest once, so I could do endings Y and Z, and I dont plan to do all those quests again. (I hated the racing quest)

I love how the game is so damn endearing it actually can convince you to sacrifice your data at the end of ending E. TuT
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Yes I got all the endings, and some like "9S just suddnely stopped caring about 2B. Nobody knows why but whatever" were priceless lol
I'll get to Emil's secret boss battle probably in late summer, but I can guess it will be a feels trip once again
Are you kidding me? This sad, sad traumatizing game is based on a JOKE Drakengard ending? :iconwtfboomplz:
I'm glad I could dive into this game without knowing the previous ones, though my curiosity will lead me to those too, eventually

Ending E small shimmer of hope doesn't really make up for all the absurdly hurtful events, concepts and truths, I felt so hurt (and still am towards it) that this game becomes a problematic fav in itself!! T ^ T like the meme with "I love you, but I hate you, but I love you" xD

I hate racing quests in general lol *shivers at the thought of those Thief missions in AC games* but the rest of the sidequests were really beautiful as in rich in story and content, but that content itself was soooo many times like a hateful stab in the heart, gahh

I didn't sacrifice my data, I won't until I 100% this game in terms of in-game items and stuff, but darn, the help from others sure was needed, I bought Nier Automata, NOT TOUHOU PLS
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lol Osprey didn't tell ya? The entire Nier series is based off a joke ending to the first Drakengard game. The original Nier is seeing the last hope of humanity die and Automata is thousands of years after humanity was gone. It's actually quite fascinating how the "DrakenNier" universe has branched off into it's various timelines.

I also like how many of the twisted aspects of both stories are due to Yoko Taro wanting to subvert or just discard things he didn't like. For example, in the original Drakengard, the main lead (called Caim) has a sister who's love for him is incestous. Yoko Taro, hating the "sibling love" trend appearing among media in places of Japan made it an actual plot point that the brother himself, despite caring enough to save her, is ashamed and disgusted by her love and she kills herself due to his rejection.

It's also Caim and his battles in Drakengard that doom the Nier reality. In the Joke ending he and his dragon fall into 2003 Tokyo as his reality is actually dying. He manages to kill the boss but Japans army shoots him and the dragon down killing them. This act spreads magic and other foreign elements into the Nier world which begins the end of humanity.

You can also infer that all the androids magic like technology is due to magic being brought into this world. It's kinda amazing how much intertwines and connects yet how little you actually need to know to enjoy any title.
It's like Zelda, there's a massive lore around each game but you can play each one and enjoy it without ever knowing it.

I only know what lore I do because I love the Clemps youtube channel and watched his videos on Drakengard and Nier. He did so good on the KH series I just picked another playlist and boom. I also know Automata had lots of plays and scripts that gave context to A2 and the origin of the Yorha program but I'm not too familiar with them, from what Osprey told me they're not need to know.

OH OH OH OH OH OH I'll show you the Clemps vids. They're not a must but they may be a fun watch for you on a break or something:… <--Just start there and you'll fine the rest. He has great vids on all three drakengard games, both Nier titles and really good ones on Kingdom Hearts.

I'll also leave this one because it shows just how fucked up the cast of Drakengard 1 is:…

Again, all this lore stuff isn't need to know, many only played Automata and each one is made to be standalone but it's just fun context to have. Especially for Emil...poor sweet Emil. T-T A child doesnt deserve that fate....
Fun random fact, Emil is technically the last human on earth in Automata. He was part of one of various programs to preserve mankind. He eventually ends up a "magical weapon" as 2B's pod calls him. But yeah, the Emil you know is the last human soul and he is an ageless child. Just rememeber that next time ya meet him~

lol I liked that hope was so slim or minor in comparison to their suffering. Hope is often small but that's what makes it powerful. It's not much but they now have hope to live together happily. It's all they wanted.

That racing mission and the two emil missions are the only reason I'll never 100% again. I did it once and it was worth it, I willingly deleted my data to get Ending E and never used the back up trick to download it back. I was very oddly satisfied. x'D
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I like your drawing strokes a lot, they add a lot of character! This is really nice. 
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thank you so much! Kao emoji  (happy cry-04) 
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