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I've been trying to make nicer shading and colors. :)
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The title is fitting, it really looks like a doll. Very cute face and somewhat artificial, because of the mirror feature in Krita. No blame on that, it's a nice feature to get quick results and if it is there, why not use it?
But there are some errors in the picture because of that, for example the reflection in her eyes and the earrings.
The shading is nicely done, I like the red tone on her cheeks and those lips.The strings for her collar are not really fitting they are a way to strong. My attention was with the strings first before looking into her eyes. I doubt you actually wanted that. Making them softer or in the same color as the collar can easily fix that.

Closing words: Keep an eye on details and don't get trapped with the mirror function. See that function more as some kind of prototyping.
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I'm also terrible and hate doing string XD
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They don't need much detail. The shape is okay. 1485777895 by BloodyWing  
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Okay, thank you ^_^
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Thank you very much for the critique. Yeah, I used the mirror function XD. I just wanted to get better at shading before I delve too deep into line art and coloring the line art. Since that's where I give up the most on. I really just didn't want to give up on this piece.

Yeah, those issues you mentioned I picked up on the minute I'd submitted it.  lol 
Also, thank you again for the critique it was super insightful. Hopefully, my next piece won't have the mirror function use because I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love it because it gets the job done but I hate it because it makes it too easy ^_^