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My name's Keri, or you might know me as Kauri. I like silly things and animals. Oddly enough, I like drawing silly things and animals as well.

Favourite Movies
Lion King, Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Disney, Pixar, Where the Wild Things Are, etc.
Other Interests
Animals, illustration, animation, photography, silly things
Hey guys! Man, I can't believe I've been on DeviantArt for over 13 years. I pop in from time to time, but if you'd like to follow my art elsewhere I'm linking some stuff for you to check out below. I've met so many incredible artists and friends here...
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...Who will peeps my 50k? You'll get a little drawing from yours truly.
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Hellooooo world! First of all, I have a new website. If you would be so kind as to spare it a peek, I would appreciate it greatly. Many thanks to Drew for putting it together and Hiddenist (https://www.deviantart.com/hiddenist) for her guidance along the way. Without further ado... www.keriduckworth.com Second of all, I have been thinking about doing some sort of commission work. This is where anyone who happens to be reading this right now comes in. I need to know what I should do, what I should charge, and who might be interested. If you have advice, ideas, suggestions, or might want a commission, please send me a note or post here. Summer is coming up, and I need things to
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Happy Birthday!!
Thank you! :D
Happy birthday Kauri, and happy halloween! \^w^/
Thank you thank you thank you! :D
Though Nikker said, that you are also the founder of the guild Shukumei, i wanted to thank you, too. ---> [link] With this drawing.
Even if it sounds like i would brownnose you:
Your Neopets guild changed my life completely, because you are the reason I draw.
I looked at the profiles of the members and I had a new goal. Coming into that guild.

Now, drawing is my life and ,besides my dog, the only hobby I have and I am really, really happy. :D

Please do not ever give up that guild. Many people are counting on you. The members had a long way to come into this group and they were so happy beeing in there.
I am just a stranger you never met, but I am a stranger, who appreciates this group.

Thank you <3
I am beyond thrilled to hear how much the guild has impacted your life and your interest in drawing. That's what it's all about. I got my start too in a similar way. There were many users on Neopets and DevArt that I greatly admired, and still do. Never stop practicing and enjoying! Thank you so much, and good luck in all that you do!
I thanked a lot of people from Shukumei and many told me about their past and their long way to Shukumei and you all motivate me so much!
That makes Shukumei even more interesting and wonderful!