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April 4, 2009
Fearless by ~Katzilla13 Sometimes photography really needs no explanation, and this is one of those times. The photographer's description says it all. A great capture!
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This little boy was astonishing! The tiger was *really* interested in him and jumped up and down behind the glass to get him, even with his claws out. He stayed like this for at least 30 seconds, trying to get through the glass, but the little one thought it fascinating, not frightening, although he was dwarfed by the big cat. Thinking again about it - it could have been me, back then. I loved everything with fangs and claws from very early on! ;-)

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Sep 14, 2008, 3:02:48 AM
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The little boy is too young to know fear and the tiger just sees a packed lunch!!

MateoGraph's avatar
Huummmm , what a sweet lunch
ChristianWithAPen's avatar
An absolutely beautiful moment!
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It looks as if the tiger is saying: "Oh dear man-cub, if only you knew how much trouble you'd be in if it were not for this glass between us..."
Wonderful photograph and superb timing! Kudos!
LateNightMasquerade's avatar
This picture is so adorable! The size difference between the little boy and the tiger really helps you realize how gigantic tigers really are. I also love how it looks like the tiger is about to give the boy a high five . :) 
silverlakephotos's avatar
Almost looks like he just wants a hug. 
Saskatch's avatar
Incredible. Good for you....
GreyPepperArt's avatar
A stunning capture, and you even kept it in focus with all that drama going on.
kanumbra's avatar
Just an absolutely astonishing picture, really puts into perspective the size and power of these animals and how tiny and weak we are in comparison. Physically weak anyway, as this little tyke's got nerves of steel! What a brave little man :love:
Katzilla13's avatar
Thank you very much. :-) Yes, I felt decidedly strange when that scene unfolded before my eyes. It is awe-inspiring to see tigers from up close and really understand their massive size and power. Very regal animals. It's a crying shame we puny humans are wiping them out. :-(
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Hello kitty!^^
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wow, that lil kid was so brave! XD
Sami27's avatar
his paw is a big as the kids head
Katzilla13's avatar
Yup, it's a massive cat!
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I have deleted my painting from my gallery , I really have no idea it's in Deviant art , or I will ask you first . If I am the photo owner and saw that painting , I would get upset too, so I deleted it based on that . I am sorry for using your photo as references with asking , your photo was featured in 2009 , and I joined DA last year, and I saw that photo from I think Abduzeedo site yesterday. The painting will not be posted anywhere on the web , and I apologize again.
Katzilla13's avatar
Like I said: if you give credit and/ or post the original link to my photo, it will be okay to post this. No need to delete it, after all, you painted it beautifully. :-)

Thanks for being so understanding though. It is by far my most popular photo, that is why I am really sensitive about it.
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Hi there! I have requested for this pic on behalf of :iconcat-lovers-group:, to be displayed next to :iconnosoart:'s painting of it, so that our members can see the original reference.
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Hi Pergamjee,

thank you very much for your initative. I'm really glad it all worked out in the end, it was just a stupid coincidence, and Nosuchart was incredibly nice and cooperative. :-)
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I have to be grateful to :iconnosoart: ... for introducing me to your gallery! I just browsed through your gallery, and my jaw is still on the floor! I am hereby warning you --- that I will be spamming your inbox with requests!
Katzilla13's avatar
LOL!! Yeah, I know, there are A LOT of cat-photos in there... especially of the BIG kind! They are such incredible animals! :-) I'm looking forward to being spammed by you. ;-)
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