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Every Day is a Winding Road...

Now why is it that Sheryl Crow's song starts playing in my head whenever I look at this? This was such an amazing holiday, when I started with a friend and we drove from Salt Lake City to Wyoming and then south through Flaming Gorge and the wonderful Dinosaur Monument Parks of Colorado. Every part of the way was nothing short of spectacular, even if there was nothing but long stretches of empty road and endless horizon...
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it's a very scenic area ... nice shot!
Katzilla13's avatar
Oh yes. How much would I like to do those trips again with today's knowledge and equipment... *sigh*
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I've been thru Southern UT a bazillion times ... but never was able to stop .... I'm hoping to plan a trip with my GF soon and explore and take some nice pics
Katzilla13's avatar
You should definitely do that. It's such an otherworldy, incredible place!
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I hope to for sure .... it's not the same just seeing it thru a windshield all the time ;)
Katzilla13's avatar
Definitely. I had a great time walking through those red rocks, it was like being on Mars.
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ya ... it looks amazing from the highway ... I can only imagine it gets better if you go off road a bit :nod:
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What an incredible shot! It's stunning =D
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It was a wonderful holiday! I wish I could repeat it with my today's camera and today's knowledge about photography... *sighs*
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I'm sure you'll have plenty more awesome holidays with your new camera and better knowledge. I look forward to seeing the pics from those holidays too =D
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Beautiful shot; I love how you captured the road on the left of the shot. It makes the composition very interesting. I live in the Midwest where it's usually grey, cold, and icky, but summer can be quite lovely. Photographs like these make me really miss the West. I hope you enjoyed yourself there. :)
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Oh wow, thank you! :hug:

I certainly enjoyed myself very much on these trips; it is a very different experience for a European to drive on these totally deserted, straight roads for hours through gorgeous landscape and be alone with nature. I'd love to do that again some day. :-)
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What a lovely photo :)
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Loved the big skies in the U.S. :-)
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Wow, awesome shot. That sky is gorgeous.
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Thank you. Yeah, it's "big sky" country (although it isn't Montana). I love it when there's nothing around you but wilderness for hundreds of miles. :-)
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This work of art has been featured in this news article: [link]
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I really love photos that look like they've been taken on a road trip.
Nice job :]
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We really put some mileage on our car on this trip, but we never felt it, because no matter for how many hours you were going, you were always awed by your surroundings. We Europeans are not used to driving for hours and being entirely alone on the road.:-)
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Beauitful :). Looks like a painting! I love the sky.
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And it really is an experience to drive for hours through that landscape, and there is no other car!:-)
Thanks for the comment! :-)
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Hey I know what song you mean! =D Nice picture btw.. :)
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It just pops up in my head whenever I look at this picture. Excellent for travelling, that one. ;-) Thanks for the compliment! :cuddle:
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