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I decided to change my nickname because the old one was.. really ols. And ridiculous. When I make it up, I was eleven and I have very little idea of English, so now I'm nearly eighteen and I felt this old name doesn't fit me. So I hope you will not get confused!
Katzen is a "cat's (thing)" in German and "diosa" is a goddes in Spanish. I study Spanish, love German and love cats so much, so I think this name is better.

Also, Walrus, I hope you like my little present C: It's very valuable for me that you're watching me about two (three?? I don't remember) years and write comments and all these things. May be if you not, I would not submit my pictures in DeviantArt, but as long as you are here, I will stay here too and continue to annoy people with my arts.) Idk what do you think about ntw year, in Russia this holiday is more important than Christmas, anyway Happy New Year to you and let your dreams come true this year~ 

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, everybody! 

I always had nothing to say to you, so there wete no journals. Some time ago wete no descriptions to submitted arts too... But now I feel rather confidently here, and I have something to say.


I think it worths you know (knowing? English is strange...)
And if you see me doing strange mistakes of ect, please say me, especially if English is your native language. I need it. 
And another thing. I am a writer a little bit. And I can try to translate smthing mine to you. But I don't sure it will be easily understandable. My manner of writing is rather complicated, I like some difficult revs and I don't have good English vocabulary as I have in my native Russian. So... what do u think about it? And could somebody help me if I decide something?
It all sounds so silly. Hm.