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We will be always happy by katzendiosa We will be always happy by katzendiosa
The second illustration for the fairy tale
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EmperorWalrusArchive Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Student General Artist
D'aaaw~ So adorable.

And the kitten is so funny. X3
katzendiosa Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Do you waht to see the tale? I can try to translate it from Russian for you (although i am not a great translator xP)
EmperorWalrusArchive Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2014  Student General Artist
That would be wonderful. ^_^
katzendiosa Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Once at snowy winter morning, when frost covered the ground, chilledafter night, with light-blue hoarfrost, when the sun was only rising and the clouds were coloured in red  and blue, a lonely she-cat appeared at the street. She walked slowly, thinking about something. The cat was so diverted her thoughts that she didn't noticed a small white kitten, hurrying up for her.
 - Who are you? - she asked. He hardly flinched but couldn't say anything. So without any doubts the cat hugged him and started to lick. The kitten frightenly moved over and looked at the cat. His fur was stood up but in wide opened round eyes were shined an intrest.
 - And who a YOU? 
His voice trembled, but he tried to look rather dignified and serious.
The cat answered:
 - My name is Snowflake (Sneginka in Russian), - her light-blue eyes were shining. Kitten looked at her don'r brave enough to say his name.
 - And... And I am Snow! Our names look one like another, don't them? - at last he exclaimed. Then he looked at the eyes of his new friend and added: - Thank you for warming me.
 - Why do you go after me, child? - asked Snowflake.
 - I... I am afraid and cold, - said Snow glazing at her with his clear green eyes.
 - Don't be afraid, my dear, now tou are in the safe side.
 - Really? - kitten moved closer to Snowflake.
 - Of corse.
 - And... And can I cal you mom?
She purred. It was agreement.
 - Hey, Snowflake! - suddenly called a cat fron the fence. - who is it near you?
 - He said, his name is Snow. - purred she-cat.
The cat from the fence questionably wrinkled up and murmured something.
 - I will grow him up like my own son. Don't you mind it, Snow?
 - No! I... I haven't mom, - kitten looked down.
 - It's so heart-breaking! But are you going to freeze there?! Let's go to my home, my Two-legs has gone away, - answered cat, streching himself on the fence.
 - Did you see Rorry? - asked him Snowflake, walkind to the house.
 - Who is he? Is he Rorry? - surprised meowed kitten.
 - No. He's my friend, Tom. Tom, wait for a minute, we are going to you! Snow, catch up, Tom will feed you and we'll get warm at the same time.
 - Do you have kittens? And where are them? - the kitten didn't want to become silent, ridiculously hurring up for his new mother.
 - No, child, be quick, it will be a snow storm soon, I think.
She-cat took the kitten into her mouth and carried heim into Twolegs' nest.
At the house Tom carefulle moved to the kitten a bowl with strange white water. The kitten looked at the water untrustful and asked:
 - And what's this?
 - It's a milk, Snow. My masters call it like this, - proudly purred Tom.
 - And is it tasty? - Snow opened his eyes widely.
 - How it came to your little head to ask about it? It's my favorite 
dainty! - exclaimed Tom, blinking to Snowflake.
Kitten started to lap milk greedily, ahd she-cat purred happily. She whispered at the Tom's ear^
 - Can he stay with you? He'll freeze and die at the streets.
Tom blinked suprised.
 - Sorry, Snowflake, I can't do it even for you, but it doesn't mean I don'r love you/ Did you think about my masters? 
 - They won't mind. I know their tastes, - with calm confidence answered she-cat. 
 - Ok, I'll try...
 - Thank you! I will often visit you both. - she meowed, nodding. Then she stand up and walk away.
Snow turhed to her.
 - Where are you going?
 - I must to go back, child. Tom will take care of you.
 - But I want to stay with you! - exclaimed the kitten and rush to his mom.
 - But you will freeze! I will come to visit you every day, I promise. And you should grow up in warmness and loving care. Tom's Two-legs will hardly agree witn my staying here. 
Suddenly the door squeked and Two-legs appeared at the 
doorstep. She-cat frightenly bristled and moved the kitten up to her. Tom stood between them and his masters, but Two-legd were not going to chase them. Masters arted to try to call thi kitten and the she-cat. Snowflake looked up to Tom and carefully come closer.
 - Are they dangerous? - Snow gazed at the enormous creatures. He was afraid.
 - If you make them like you, the will not be. - answered Tom. - Look at Snowflake.
 She-cat came to the one of Two-legs and meowed. He 
caressed her. 
 - It's pleasant, - purred Snowflake.
 - Hey, tou, try too, - said Tom to the kitten. Snow mistrustfully looked at the Two-legs, but went to one and rubbed of his leg. Bold paw touched his head. Child set frightened, but at the next secind he was purring in cause of carefull strokes of Two-leg's hand.
 - They are not so horror as you think, are them? - smiled Snowflake.
 - Yeah, - nodded Tom. - I think, they like you.
Wooow "D It was difficult. And it's only the first part of fairy tale... Ugh. This story was written by about 15 peple together, so, I think, it can be better. 
EmperorWalrusArchive Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Aw... It's adorable, though.

Snow is adorable, and I really like Tom and Snowflake, too.
katzendiosa Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It took me 2 hours to translate this, so I am glad to know you like it~
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