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Trolley ver.2 by katzendiosa Trolley ver.2 by katzendiosa
When Esme was young her name was Lyra, she was a modest girl, who liked to read, to sleep and her twin-sister Shamann. Shama always was more bouncy, joyful, happy, she was like a little sun. But she was missed at 17 years. So much have happened since that day... 

 - Just take a look of this!
Lyra was silent. What she hadn't seen there? This procession was annual and it hadn't been excited her for a long years.
 - Look, look, look! Come on! - exclaimed Shamann grabbed with herclaws in sister's shoulder. Se didn't tear from the window.
 - No.
 - Hey, will you sorry about it?! - shrieked Shama, losing patience. But arter a moment she turned to sister and smiled widely: - just take a look. Thats all.
Sister's eyes were shining, and the bush of wheaten hair, lightened by sun, made her look like a sunflower. Absolutely happy one.
Lyra sighed, lifted a little, looking out Shamann enclosed half of the window. A big light muzzle poked at the glass from the other side and loudly snorted.
 - ...a horse, - whispered he girl, shocked and petrified. - it is a real horse, Shamann!
 - T w o horses, - Shama shaked her head and pointed somewhere at the side. Damn... Two real alive horses...!

*In her city horses are very rare, she saw them first time at her life c:
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