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Doofus Wallpaper: Maneki Neko



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MINOR edits guys. I might never have even noticed them if this hadn't have been my current desktop...

I was looking at yesterday's popular art when I saw this again; [link] now, I watch her, so it wasn't anything new, but it caught my eye. It's just so damned cute, so I decided to make my own wallpaper just like it using my late pet cat, Doofus, [link]
You migth have seen this color scheme previously in my gallery, and that's because I just love him so very much. I even plan to get his little nose 'L' tattooed on me someday.

Anyway, this is a wallpaper I made tonight [read early this morning, it's 4-freaking-30] for myself, but if you want to use it, you can. If anyone wants me to turn him into a real Maneki Neko, white with brown spots, I will.

Parchment from [link]
Doofus © his parents
Art © Me
P.S. The kanji says 'Maneki Neko' just in case anyone isn't 'in the know' on the subject.
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Downloading for my desktop background,thank you!!:-D