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I decided to make a Fb page to update some news since i don't want to publish a journal just for a short message.If you feel like interested with my works,go here… and click Like button :) Thank you !


Sorry that i can't release anymore customizations stuff cause i can't find times for them atm.I'm having a national exam ahead in July and i must stay focus into it.But meanwhile,when some free times come,i will be on making Glow Air 2 - which i'm sure will have tons of improvements to Glow Air 1.GA2 will still be about minimalistic look.I'll try to make it as most comfortable for you as i can,so it can be used for both everyday-using-desktop and for-showing-desktop.
Well,we always learn something new from each others everyday so I would love to receive some suggestions from you guys ;)

Have a nice week,
Thinh Nguyen.

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ok now done with like button and good luck to you. :)
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