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Retro Aero


visualstyle.dream by ~giannisgx89
cdartdisplay.noname by me
icons.flurrysystem & aluminfortis

Shit,i'm even too lazy to make a theme fit the concept of this shot in my mind -_-
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i really like ur wallpaper
adi518's avatar
can we have the cad? :D
OmarMootamri's avatar
What is the name of the font please?
YaroManzarek's avatar
Whoa man I love your wallpaper.
gummybelly's avatar
can you share the rainmeter config? I am not very good with manually editing the skins to my configuration.
BluPaper's avatar
nice, love color tone :)
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ymme1st's avatar
có thể share cả family font này ko anh ơi :worship:
chai-latteh's avatar
mind sharing the rainmeter skins ?
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there're many typography rainmeter skin,you could just download one of them and replace the font with Helvetica :)
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The toolbar — or menubar at the bottom — looks fun! great idea
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thank you ^^
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Is the noname CAD in the second shot? I like it.
kAtz93's avatar's both ^^
koolumair's avatar
Wt rainmeter skin are you using for TODO and clock?
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i made them x_x actually it's just a simple skin with Helvetica font
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Great shot bro :).
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