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The full glass tool is really driving me mad.
All day long but this theme is still not ready for daily using yet,also lot of bugs are appearing.I have to disable some window's elements in this shot cause they're not finished yet ..

So for short,this theme is still buggy so i don't want to share to anyone,sorry,pls don't ask for it.

Theme,Rainmeter,CAD : by me
Folder Icons : Milk
Wall : [link]

//Enjoying a cup of coffee to relax :3
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Wow this is awesome.
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I think this is fake (photoshop), I was just now trying to create something like that, and I did not get)) but as a concept, I like it very much
Please do not take offense to my post, I do not in any way want to hurt you
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Hey Awesome shot :).
I just got a question about Aero and Full Glass.
How did you make it so that your aero was fully transparent? I have tried tools like "Windows Aero Blur Tweaker" to try to remove the blur but it still shows up on my glass windows.
Also, how did you make it so that your windows were that dark? I tried setting my window colors to black; yet
my windows are still very bright.

I get something like this: [link]


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Whens the estimated release date! Can't wait!
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Beautiful preview! I hope to see this completed some day :)
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trông đẹp mà a. không nhất thiết phải trong suốt hết đâu :"P
E ko biết là Việt Nam có người giỏi thiết kế vậy đấy :)
Trên deviantart ít gặp dân VN quá :(
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Third wallpaper?
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wow.. amazing!
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đẹp thế bạn :D
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what is that text clock app?
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Damn dude, this is amazing! I hope you can work out the kinks.
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Very nice and original! :)
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Phong cách mới?:D Very niceee
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