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Mot Lan Sau Cuoi

A quick shot.
Getting bored these days...

Theme : Da Khuc (by me)
Wall : Suong Dem (by me)
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nice desktop. you got some amzing wallpaper there
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cho mình link cai theme của bạn lun đc k?
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à cho e xin cái icon trên taskbar đi a :D
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của bạn đây : [link]
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Mate which font do you use in your menubar, and which FontColor ? awesome!!!
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awesome, may I ask you for the 1 wallpaper from your folder, just above the slider? :)
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You always have sexy wallpaper :D
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when i first saw this theme, i liked it very much.
but then after surfing around, i realized there were over 50 variations of this theme.
and they all look similar.

but you have an artistic touch :)
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Well,almost every Mac themes look kinda the same
But the buttons and traffic lights make the different and unique of each theme.That's why i like Mac themes - well designed details.
Thank you btw :)
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Dạo này đặt tên thuần việt ghê hen :) Mot Lan Sau Cuoi, Da Khuc, Suong Dem mấy lần trước a đặt tên tây lắm mà =)
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mình lười ngồi nghĩ tên ý mà
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do you think you will release this someday ?
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Can you please link to the 3rd wall from your collection?
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Amazing VS!! I waut for the release
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good shot
will be featured on
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That is a nice wall.
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is this W7?
i wonder how did you get rid of the Adress Bar and everything
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