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Ky Uc Ngu Me

7VS Da Khuc

Rainmeter Modern (by me & ~xnhan00) | Google Bar by =nardoxic

CAD Roola (mod) by ^OtisBee | Date Roll (by me)

Icons Ciment | Pry

Wall Veer (mod)

Listening Ki Uc Ngu Me - Tim

Big Shout :

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Wonderful ,really what I search for if I have a new PC
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mind sharing the clock?
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Hey got a question for Objectbar. I want Objectbar to be the default bar on the startup, but the program ask first to choose a skin, then Object apply it. It means before that, the defaut bar is the one included in the Windows visual style or Windowblinds.
kHinsch's avatar
mate I also searched a lot about this, but: it's not possible to get this ... thats one of my reasons to use Rainmeter and not OB.
kAtz93's avatar
Sadly,i don't use OB,it's just a taskbar
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May i know what browser you're using? I think it is :o , the middle one.
kAtz93's avatar
It's Firefox
gummysauce's avatar
How did you make the tabs like that? In the middle?
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Use add-on : Smartest Bookmarks Bar
I also recommand Hide Favicons to remove icons on boormark bar :)
gummysauce's avatar
thanks alot katz! :)
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great :+fav:
want the vs and rm :la:
very nice ... cant f**kin' w8 for this
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kHinsch's avatar
this "modern" is so nice mate :D hope you'll release that ;-)
nice desk btw.
kAtz93's avatar
i will if i can
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Sẵn cho e hỏi a dùng gì để convert png to ico mà chất lượng nó đc good như thế, e dùng toyocon convert chất lượng nhìn xấu lắm @@
kAtz93's avatar
Dùng Iconworkshop đi em
lewistuan's avatar
Cái đó là phải convert từng icon à anh? @@
lewistuan's avatar
Trình duyệt a đang dùng là gì thế? nếu firefox cho e xin cái skin nhé :)
kAtz93's avatar
skin Foxdie em
search Google nhé ^^
pk1st's avatar
You make me dance on the floor :D :shocked:
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