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Glow Air Final for Windows 7


Glow Air Final for Windows 7

ANNOUNCEMENT : I'm no longer supporting GA 1.If you want to use this on SP1,port it yourself or wait for Glow Air 2 - which is still in progress.

Update 1 <19/1/2010>
Fix text glow color in Gadget window

Update 2 <3/4/2010>

Update 3 <4/4/2010>
Fixed path in .theme file,now you can apply the theme as normal.Also included the x64 system files.

New Features
:bulletblue: New Office 14-like Window Frames
:bulletblue: New taskbar & taskbar pinned button
:bulletblue: New Jumplist
:bulletblue: New Shellstyle
:bulletblue: New Start buttons
:bulletblue: New item buttons
and more...

Included in the pack
:bulletgreen: Glow Air Visual Style
:bulletgreen: System files (explorer.exe,shell32.dll and explorerframe.dll)
:bulletgreen: Uxtheme patcher


Thanks to
:iconcyntar7: for helping me out to complete this theme
:iconnotorious-grafix: for the x64 system files

:iconcommentplz:Comments,bugs reports and faves are all welcome

©2010 ~kAtz93
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Download lots of high-quality themes from -…Download lots of high-quality themes from -…
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i need help alls i got were the system files
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May I have permission to port this into Windows 8 and 8.1?
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It would be awesome if you could get permission to port it over though--loved this theme when I had Win7, would love it for 8/8.1. I don't think you're going to get a reply from this person though. It says on his main profile "Won't be back soon". :( 
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I would like to import this... but not without the author's permission.... *sigh* Idk what to do.
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Indeed. I understand perfectly. It's certainly a dilemma. I know personally that if I were to leave dA with little hope of return for some reason where I wouldn't be able to respond, I would probably open up all of my creations as open source for others to re-use freely so they're not in a position as you are now. I don't know why others don't make things open after leaving.
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Yeah. That's true. *soft sigh*  I don't know why either, man.
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I'd port it over and give credit. If he comes back and is unhappy with it, he can report it and you can remove it. This is a great theme that I'm sure a lot of Windows 8/8.1 users would like to have. No sense in letting it die because the author did, so to speak.
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I see... well. I'll what I can do. I'm going to PM you something.
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ShinSubarashiKage124 Hello! Any news about porting this theme to win8/8.1? Thanks.
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Can I make this into a Windows 8 theme?
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Can I import this into Windows 8 and 8.1?
Hi, i like a lot this theme i just don't really like the blue bar when i copy or transfer files, i would have loved if it was green like in the clear screen theme, its possible to release an other version with the transfer bar green?

If not thank you anyway i will use the clearscreen theme. :)
Hello i have only a question, i really like this theme, but i just don't like that the loading bar when i copy or trasfer files is blue, its possible to make a version of this theme with that bar on green, just like in the clearscreen theme?

Thank you very much. :)
Where can i download this D:
nvm im fking dumb xD
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Cậu này có hoa tay thật, theme nào cũng đẹp! 1 like!
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Beautiful Windows 7 theme! +fav
Glow Air Final works very well on my Win7 Ultimate SP1,
as you can see on this picture: [link]
Amazing job, thank you, kAtz93!
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And another screenshot: [link] :D
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This looks amazing! O_O
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