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Da Khuc -uncompleted-


This theme is uncompleted in design.Some parts are still from Tequilla.I decided to drop this project since i've lost inspiration with it.But i'm sure there's no bug and still comfortable in using.


Themes - System files


'Cause i don't update Windows very often,so i've included the bitmaps for you - who want to install this safely.
Also,i've only included system files for x32,my apologies to x64 users,you must replace all the resources by Restorator 07.But let's see it in a bright way,it's totally safe !!

And please,don't ask how to install.There're tons of manuals on internet.Google one !

Btw,if you want and can complete this theme,just do it and feel free to release it,but remember to give me a credit.And one more,any modification to my design in the completed parts of the themes is not allowed.

Taskbar icons original by ~Side-7 .I've converted them to .ico,you can download them here : [link]


~Side-7 =seahorsepip

©kAtz93 - 2011
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I love it! Can you share me your iconpackager theme? c: dadsa, it's so beautiful ; )
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Are the files compatible with SP1?
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Dạ khúc của Jaychou chăng? :D
lót dép hóng hàng :D
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How to remove the text on the taskbar?
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to get the theme as clean, always has first set the Windows Classic theme! : - / Why?
Dạ khúc của Ploy à? +fav
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well done~
could you share the TLB skins(including the media、vol&time)?
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Exelente Trabajo amigo :D
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Goos job! :D

Featured on: CSTMZ.ME
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how to use explorerframe for x64?
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use restorator 2007 to replace each images
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Vs mac đẹp nhất theo cảm nhận của mình:p
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whats that beige wall?
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just a simple gradient
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so freaking awesome :D
I'm gonna use this on my note. tyvm Katz.
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