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Da Khuc Duong Cam

7VS Da Khuc (NFRY - Not For Release Yet)

Rainmeter SDT by ~toastbrotpascal (mod) | Noise Pane (by me) | Google Bar by =nardoxic

CAD MiniMuZic by ~my99

Icons Ciment | Pry

Wall Not Thing by ~xnhan00 (mod)

Listening Tựa Dòng Sông - Lê Hiếu


:iconpk1st: :iconxnhan00:

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Soo, I know this is old, but would you happen to still have the texture you used for the wallpaper mod?
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Looks awesome, amazing shot, man!
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Đẹp đó bạn...
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looking goode :)
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awesome! u get a WATCH
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what is the program u used to view the other picture?
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Waiting for this vs. :peace:
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cmon release Da Khuc! :D
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Hey kAtz, I'm searching for a shell32.dll like the one you're using here, my goal is to get rid of the toolbar completely and for now I only found shell32 that put it on bottom, and the one you're using also get rid of the 1px space on the left of the treeview where others keep it.

So I was willing to know if you could help me find one or maybe send yours if you like.
I've tried to understand how to do it but I couldn't :/

By the way, this VS you're working on is really nice ! I love the professional/minimal feeling that have the buttons, and the caption buttons are really nice too.
Speaking of the caption buttons, I see a small blur on the minimize button probably due to the margins that should be bigger if I'm correct... but maybe you already know that.
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Actually,if you want to hide the command bar completely,you must edit the shellstyle,not shell32

-Open the shellstyle.dll in your theme folder (Shell\NormalColor) by ResHack or Restr07
-Go to UIFILE > 1 > 1033 then find : <style resid="FolderBandStyle"> and paste this : <Element padding="rect(0rp,0rp,0rp,-28rp)"/> under that line.
-Save it and apply the theme again.

Note : this won't work while you're in WSB's testing mode,cause WSB use a replacement shellstyle as you already know.So don't panic if the command bar shows up.

And you're right about the 1px left on the navi pane,we can get rid of it by editing shell32.dll.Here's it : [link]
But unfortunately,the one who found this trick out - PandaX has forgotten how he's done it,so we only can apply this trick by replacing this file or the XML codes inside it.

//Thanks for pointing out the caption buttons for me,i didn't notice that actually :P
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Thank you very much, it worked !

Unfortunately your shell32 didn't, it may be a 32bits version where I'm on 64bits, so I've replaced it back thanks to Ubuntu :)
Now I also have another shell32 (from Wave) that both put the command bar on bottom but also get rid of this 1px on the navigation pane, so it works the same way.

Thanks again for all the details :)
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yeah... you can't walk without linux on your side :D
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Oh,sorry,dunno you're on x64 :(
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No problem :) That's not the first time I get problems when playing with system files :D and this one was really quick to solve.
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Great to know it's still fine :D
Btw,are you planning on something new with them ?
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:D Maybe... I'm mostly testing different things, I'm trying to do something a bit original, I work on it when I have time and when I find ideas, so it's a long process, I'm constantly changing things and I'm not sure where it's going to end. The sure thing is that I want to use a look more minimal than before (smaller font, less effects, less menu, etc...), but still looking crisp :)
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Sounds like really worth waiting for.Good luck bro ! :)
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Forget my last comment, it was just an !! Really nice in fact!! ;)
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It's nice, but i think that your menubar is a litle to large!!
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Use Objectbar? Link :D
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