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Hey guys!

It's been a while and thought I'd share some insight into my life at the moment.

About 4 weeks ago, I quit my job. I was working five or six days a week in a very abusive work environment. I quit on the same day some other girls did as we were tired of the misogynistic harassment from our boss. 

I was employed as a barista, all rounder ( we really did do everything, severely understaffed) I was taken off service by the big boss when he would come in because I'm "not feminine" enough and my voice wasn't as high pitched as he would like, he told me "you sound like a man" and he would yell at me every time I touched the service. 

He was doing a lot of illegal things there including hiring and black mailing foreign employees.

Told my co worker to come back with more makeup on. We would work anywhere up to 9 hour days and were not allowed to have breaks or eat or drink on the job.

I had been picked up from work crying a lot and was being told by the few people in my life at the moment that I needed to quit. So I walked. 

These last few months Ive lost contact with a lot of family and had lost a lot of people that were close to me, life goes on you know. I had to move out, make a living on my own.  I started university tried to balance study , work, what few relationships I had AND my own anxiety. I completely lost time for cosplay and I was incredibly upset I couldn't balance something I loved to make the weeks easier. 

So I took a few weeks to gain my head back and finish my trimester, get ahead of my life. I even managed to get :iconkrisez: up here to shoot my insane backlog, not even all of it. 11 looks in 24 hours. But Im finally ahead.

It's tough,I have decided cosplay is something I want to be a big part of my life while I study my games dev course. 

Kris came up here so we could shoot something I have so much fun doing and to run my print store so I can live basically. Until I find an actual job I suppose you could call me a professional cosplayer! 

I'm not completely sure if I'm super confident enough to go to any conventions for a while but will see how it goes!

I'm thinking of selling some of my costume stuff too. Trying to make it all work for me! 

I thought I should do a proper explanation as to why Ive been away so long and why I came back so suddenly and active. 

Anyway thanks for reading. TL;DR How do I life?

Edit: Here is my print store details

vampirella by katyuskamoonfoxBlack Widow by katyuskamoonfox

And more!

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FeralLion's avatar
   You did the right thing in leaving that job. No one should ever treat anyone that way especially because you're a woman. Gentlemen just don't do those kinds of things. 

   Glad to hear that you are pursuing after your passion in cosplay, you certainly have the skill and talent for it =^^=

   I've been in that place where you one day you are standing at a crossroads with two decisions, either pick up your art and be who you truly are or continue to walk away from it. Art is who we are as creatives. It's our voice to communicate how we perceive the world around us. 

   Again glad to hear you made the choice to be who you really are and not what others demand you pretend to be. No one has the right to silence you voice and tell you to be someone you are not. Keep your forward momentum, you have a lot to offer =^^=

   Look forward to your next projects =^^= 

BTW what is your focus in game development?
ZenakuKuma's avatar
It's true that not always we think that everything goes as we wanted. And mostly we self get lost, frustrated and even angry. 

Do whatever it makes you happy. My mother always said "Money is like time. It comes when the time is right. Everything else is your efford."

I'm happy to see your cosplays back, I really missed them. But mostly, that you can get back in touch with your family and friends. You can always achieve what you have in mind! 
EmperorWolfaith's avatar
Sooooo.... You gonna keep de print shop running? "fingerscrossed" I really want a print of you, and for some reason everytime you had a patch of them out.... I had no money on hahaha, this weekend just ran out of money because I needed new brakes for my car, T-T damn adult life with its responsabilities, but hey! Quitting a bad job like that is something very positive and you have guts to do it, some people just stay for the money and eventually get used to be abused by their bosses. Hope things get better for you, and you get to do what you love. Hugs! 
rockhollywood's avatar
Glad you got away from that awful situation. Good luck with your cosplay! You do great stuff! :)
Dehaxis95's avatar
Man! Shit like that Boss did pisses me off....

When will people see that Women are people too, They just happen to be able to make other people.

(Which sounds cooler than it is in person with all the screaming and..... Never Mind XD)
good your quit that job, i hope you or some of the other girl have denounced that guy, however is good that those bad days are in the past, sure everything will be better now

sorry for the english
GoldenHairFighter's avatar
You were right to walk from that job, no one should be in that kind of work environment. We are all in charge of our own lives, and what ever we decide its something we should be happy with :). What ever you decide to do your true fans will stand by you all the way.Keep your chin up and everything will be fine :)
Leonidas666's avatar
Unfortunately more and more "jobs" are like that. You should report your boss to the authorities so more people/girls don't fall into that trap of a shitty job. I add to do that on a previous job and get an attorney too... In the end, they had to change their bussiness practices and pay a settlement. :)
goodfoot1971's avatar
There's an asshat in this world that thinks you're "not feminine enough"? Hmm I'd guess that he was hoping to beat you down mentally long enough, then maybe he'd get himself laid. Congrats for not putting up with that stuff!
Read your entry about work and all I can say is good for you.  Hope you find the job you're looking for and keep on doing what makes you happy.  
mrfluke1's avatar
Your old boss sounded like a real prick, good on you for taking the courage and following your friends advice and getting out of that situation.
and terrible news to hear about your friends and family, it probably was a complicated situation, but in a way, it sort of shows they weren't really true friends and true family if they didn't even bother to show support during this transition. 

but as you say and its true, life does go on. glad you got your head back in order and all the best on being a professional cosplayer Ms Moonfox.
REVANandDEMI's avatar
i can understand you and did the same thing today. life really sucks sometimes but as long as we have something to belief in, may it be our work or something different, we can look forward. focus, determination and will are the only really qualifications we need and if you focus entirely on your cosplaying you´ll be successful. living our dreams as long as we are able to do it is the only meaning in life i think. i wish you good luck from the deepest of my heart! 
Alondite345's avatar
Damn, your old boss sounded like a real asshole. Hopefully he'll get fired or ends up in jail for that.
whaaat u not feminine enough.  he must be dumb is all.  anyway life does suck sometimes.  yet those hard times lets us appreciate the good ones when they come back around.  good luck.  and keep up the good work.    yay for standing up for yourself.  
AZ-RUNE's avatar
Happy you found your calling!
RgDraw's avatar
Good luck for your future !! You're amazing and i'm sure you'll be fine !
But can't believe your old boss said you were "not feminine enough" is he blind or something ?! xD Anyway i hope he gets punished for what he did to you and your coworkers !
Keep up the amazing work your awesome ! :D
AngelsArcher's avatar
Glad to hear you left that place. Your boss sounds horrible. Isn't there some sort of instance where you can report this behaviour? 
Other than that I wish you the best of luck with your print shop and your search for a new job. I'm just getting out of my own problems, but in the future I would like to support you through the shop. 
katyuskamoonfox's avatar
Thank you <3

I did report everything he was doing to higher ups. I hope he got some justice ><
crvdude's avatar
Hang in there it gets better, there is always an upside to everything. You know what the old saying goes, it only makes you stronger. Chin-up and keep smiling, throwing lots of positive vibes your way!
Lex-Lopez's avatar
Hello Katyuskamoonfox (since I don't know your real name :O)

Although I'm sad that you had to go through all those harsh moments, I'm glad that you took the step of moving on from that bad work environment.

Just wanted to let you know that although you seem to have lost some friends, you have a LOT of people that support your work and love it. These people are your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram followers, and I know that MANY would like to be friends. (of course, always on the side of caution)

Any who, I can't wait to see more of your work and know that if you need someone to talk to or vent a bit, hit me up on twitter.

Take care,

@ Lex_Lopez
paws4thot's avatar
Separate thought - Have you considered setting up a Patreon for yourself, just as a way of getting another income stream?
Owlicopter's avatar
She should, monetizing her huge following would not be difficult. Was kinda surprised she was doing a shit barista job actually.
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