Birthday fun times and features!

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22, now! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes :3

:iconewelyra: is absoultely amazing and did this fanart of me, I think it's so fantastic and she is such an inspiration :3

Also thought Id feature some other babes you should definitely check out considering it's been a while since Ive featured other cosplayers ! They are lovely women and have amazing work!

:iconastrokerrie: such a hottie and wonderful friend!

And :iconk-a-n-a: Is producing amazing work as usual, my lady crush!

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Happy BDay Pretty Lady! Keep up the good work! U hav many "offline" followers here in Cuba.  PS: Sorry this came so late ;)
K-A-N-A's avatar
Owwwww ;_; owwww..oowwwww q_q
Thank you so much gorgeous lady <3

Anf happy belated birthday ;____; <3333333
K-A-N-A's avatar

you see how nervous I am ? ;;
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And you are mine inspiration! :heart:
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my bday it seems is right before yours. I just turned 29 on the 27th lol. I don't remember if I said it or not at the time, but just in case I didn't, happy birthday! love all your cosplays. <3
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Happy Belated Birthday! :party::cake:
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I'm really happy you had a great birthday and feeling good. Well that is such a beautiful painting and it's really awesome she made that in that span of time. Anyway Ewelina Malke is pretty amazing like a real life Tifa and ever since I read the Gantz manga I can see her cosplaying a absolutely marvelous Reika Simohire. Also Astrokerrie is awesome too I been digging her LARPing photos which I remember you wanted to give LARPing a try so I hope you two can do that together someday in the future because that would be really cool and of course K.A.N.A is freaking wonderful love her work too and also she's so adorable.
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Happy birthday :)
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Happy Birthday 


Have a ton of fun.
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Happy Birthday! :D
:dance: :clap: :cake: :glomp: :party:
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Happy bxay again lol
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Happy Birthday!! :D :cake:
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Happy birthday..
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Happy birthday
Namco-NintendoFan-88's avatar
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Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day :D
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Happy belated birthday to a talented, and sexy lady.
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