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Yoko Littner

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WARNING: Blatant fan service! Lol

It was a fun, stupid shot. Its a common pose for the character and why not, I seem to have the assets for the pose. Just some harmless fun.

I wanted to focus on the badass side of Yoko but a fan servicey shot or two wouldn't hurt.

I will be shooting TTGL again in a few weeks with my Kamina! And it will be more awesome, kick ass stuff!
If you have any suggestions for posing or shots you'd like us to do feel free to comment here or on my facebook.
We can be awkward turtles for ideas that aren't canon plus it's fun to get involved and suggestions.

My Facebook with WIP, silly photos and other cosplay good stuff is over here, feel free to send me a message on my wall as I check there more regularly then my dA message! : www.facebook.com/KatyuskaMoonF…
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most amazing photo i see today, this breasts are so perfect in size, volume, pose.
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You've measured them? :lol:
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Nice cosplay.  It looks like you got the pose perfect.
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gurren lagann one of my favorite anime
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Ok now I can't sleep. 😂
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Nice bitch, let's fuck!
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OMG it's almost painful to watch this picture......dude...outch!!!
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I had no idea she actually had a pose where she was tittyfucking her rifle..

Could someone please send me a screenshot from the anime where she does that?
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Pfft MORE than enough "assets"...
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Nice cosplay of one of my favorite anime characters😁
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ah would make a comment  but ah cant take mah eye's off her long 'nuff.
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Fanservice indeed! The pic is great, you're gorgeous, enough said. Yes, please!
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fuck yeah gurren lagan
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If only the ladies in my town looked like that...I'd never get anything done! XD
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Is there a reason you don't show any teeth in any of your photos, like are they not straight or whaa??
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What kind of question is that? x_x
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