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Photo by:iconkrisez:

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Super great cos shot.......Clap I want see your this cos!!!!!!  Licence2play Gamecon Mascot or  Sexy Yuna or Chun Li training costume or Hiding in the Ruins 2nd  or Cynthia or  Primarina or Ham Dva or EMMA
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Love Velvet, one of my main fave characters on the original PS2 game. :D
Very beautiful artwork 
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Wow!  Gorgeous.
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Great work - perfectly set against the background
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Always so happy to see Odin Sphere cosplay. 
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very nice sexy babe
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Great job, that is one of my favorite games, can't wait for the PS4 version! XD

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very nice :D (Big Grin) B-) (Cool) Thumbs Up 
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Excellent job on the cosplay the the outfit and crystal chain are so perfect and you're so poise, confident and stoic like Velvet which you look like a spitting image of her and of course you look so elegantly GORGEOUS you really do make for one great blonde also love the background very fitting of Odin Sphere like one of Forest sitting in the fall/autumn which is really awesome. Yeah another great job by you and What A Big Camera I'm excited to get this print and to see what amazing things you will do next year because no matter what its always top notch. :D <3
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You are excellent and sensual in all respects - 
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Great figure
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Really like the depth of field on this shot.
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Why? It's accurate. What you describe is not the original outfit. It's based upon the character Velvet from Odin Sphere.

Edit: Forgot to say "Great cosplay!"
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Wonderful and exquisite 
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automnale velvet :)
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love the costume....... it's awesome.....
Love Princess Velvet.
And Odin Sphere was a damn good game!
Merry Xmas katyuskamoonfox and keep up the grate work!
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