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Shameless booty shot, actually inspired by the artwork I based this design off! 

Photo by :iconjkdimagery:

Gantz has been my favorite manga since I first read it, I fell in love with the humanity and survival storyline and the utter gore/perversion of it too. Still have the HUGEST crush on Kei probably why I like Reika so much.



Katyuska Moonfox <3 
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Shameless booty works for me Kat 😉

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Really beautiful. I just love "Gantz", and the girls in the manga are so hot.
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Gantz never gets old. Amazing job on the costumes
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beautiful eyes

Heart Heart Heart Heart 

How have you not broken the internet in half yet? 
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My favourite manga and my favourite cosplayer, all in one! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
katyuskamoonfox's avatar
OMG thank you so much!
Raistlin82's avatar
I mean it.
Been following you forever.
In fact, you know what? You gave me a great idea.
I'm going to prepare a suit and my next cospaly will be Kaze / Muscle Rider from GANTZ! :D
siborg626's avatar
Very tight~, the outfit I mean not the leather.
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RgDraw's avatar
I think it's the first time I see a Gantz cosplay, great work ! :)
BadStar-D's avatar
Hell yeah! Gantz shows the darkest and the brightest of human condition. This is the greatest tribute to the greatest character of the greatest manga that I've ever seen. Terrific work Lady.

P.S.: Btw... Kurono sucks big time.
katyuskamoonfox's avatar
Omg, look, I love your comment BUT Kurono runs the katyuska moistfox show. Something about bratty boys. UNF
I just can't believe the protagonists display of humanity was blue balls honestly lmao
BadStar-D's avatar
LOL. I know, right? Bratty boys have their charm, so I've heard. But if a woman such as Reika wants to respawn you, clone you or peel your skin like a friggin' apple and use it like a summer coat... Dude, don't go pretending you don't like it. :mwahaha:

P.S.: Thank you kindly for your time & keep up the great work, Dear.
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Sweet!Meow :3:happybounce:  Thank you!:D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing Bum. Nice legs. What a beauty.
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missing a sword in your right hand for that pose? :) cosplay looks incredible
dickinYouBitch's avatar
finally get to see your ass in a thong.. now i can jerk off properly 
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