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Meteor Strike: Tifa Lockhart

Another photo from the Tifa set!
We had lots of fun and I ended up derping in a lot of action shots but had a couple of good ones. Can't wait to share the dirty, pretty and actiony photos with you!

To see more of my cosplays before and after shoots or to send me a message come to my facebook: [link]
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Amazing Cosplay! You have the perfect figure for Tifa Love Clap

And I toally feel ya, derping in the action shots is my specialty :D (Big Grin) 
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I think we all love this pic.
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Very dirty, ha get it?....Foreveralone carrot icon Alone..Onion 
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D: didn't saw this one
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the amount of horny men in the comments is TOO DAMN HIGH
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White top, dark mud, I'll bet that took a while to get the stains out.

But excellent job overall, you look like you had fun taking the pictures, and I'm glad you were able to find a good photographer for them too.
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just an image that will stay in firmly in the mind!
Don't get the Cosplay really but got it!
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Super-cool!  Looks great even though it's got to be uncomfortable.  Well done!
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Who's for a mud bath? :happybounce: 
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MY kind of woman!!  One who gets down and dirty;)
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:D Good clean fun!!
This made my day! I am an instant fan. Thnx
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i am ready to play with her!
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Favourite and kudos points just for getting "down and dirty" in a muddy puddle.
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Beautiful shot! Everything about this photo is perfect ^_^
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