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Lounging around

Hey guys, new photoset is now up on my website

Photos by :iconjkdimagery: 

This whole set was improvised, I'm learning lessons about who I am, what I want to do and my confidence within myself. Though I would share it with you all.
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happyfun99's avatar

Love this, She can be my Mistress!!

kazeshini58's avatar
Your artwork is amazing, good job I look forward to seeing more of your work. 
jay1197's avatar
I like the way you lounge around
ItzJack21-DA's avatar
Nice outfit. I love the couch
kaosugan's avatar
Beautiful. :3
FreeMarshmellows's avatar
I love that Squall on her arm!!! :D
10 out 10 love it xxxx
lillo2000's avatar
Bellissima e Bravissima
Ghost825's avatar
You look great, just keep doing you.
siborg626's avatar
Someone been good or naughty?~
safeharbor7's avatar
You are stunningly beautiful lady...Heart 
moyashisoba's avatar
TaraTerror5's avatar
damn I wish I looked that good. Those clothes are so sexual and speak volumes! It's beautiful, you're beautiful, this picture is beautiful. Great job
MiguelFight's avatar
Oh my goodness... Love Meow :3 
oldfan1's avatar
WOW! Beautiful.
kingcole5150's avatar
Stunning nice work. Art is art people even if it isnt to you it is to us. Personally i hate stick man art but i dont freak out because stick man is naked. So dont b a h8R
afterlife's avatar
is that Blaire White? seriously looks like her x.x
a1samurai's avatar
Just the lighting and make-up,  definitely Kat. I see where you're coming from though.
AlexTextures's avatar
Absolutely awesome and beautiful, love this image :)
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