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The artwork is amazing and very detailed and the dialog is short,but full of emotion which is shown by the expression of the characters...

The things that we gain is a master piece of a story line. Each individual character brings something fresh to the story. Gamguy199 nev...

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Girl with pink hair by KATYPERRYstar Girl with pink hair :iconkatyperrystar:KATYPERRYstar 3 0
Steven Universe
Steven huffed as he charged down the hall just as the school bell rang, ‘I’m late!’ he thought to himself as he skidded around a corner. He’d been late to his classes all week and he knew his teacher would be disappointed. As he reached the door to the classroom he opened it cautiously all the students looked at him as he came in. He sat next to Connie as she put on her gloves and safety goggles, tying her thick dark hair in a high ponytail behind her head, she turned to Steven with a frown.
“You’re late again, what happened this time?” Steven felt flustered his father had literally lost the keys in the mess of his van and he lost his shirt. Stevens father Greg universe lived in his van and was usually very disorganized and messy. But Steven never really minded so long as he could find his homework when he put it down. Besides he loves that van, he takes Steven to the beach often and they could move to any location they wanted. So it
:iconkatyperrystar:KATYPERRYstar 1 0
James potter ran to his wife’s side his black cloak billowing behind him in the silver moonlight. He watched helpless as the spell spread through his wife’s body slowly beginning to kill her. Lily James’s bit her lip as her body contorted and writhed in agony, the spell was too strong for a death eater she grabbed her husband’s hands as she lowly faded into the darkness where she belonged. James felt his heart break as his wife his love, his fellow death eater died in his arms while Harry his son only fifteen months old hid behind a statue watching her die. It had been Lily and James’s dream to raise Harry to follow in their footsteps as a death eater, but now that would never happen he turned his attention towards the one responsible. Dumbeldore that wizard would pay for what he did to Lily, James stood up pointing his wand at Dumbeldore who also had his wand drawn. James felt no remorse and no sorrow when he looked at Dumbeldore no longer did he see the
:iconkatyperrystar:KATYPERRYstar 1 2
Rose Quartz by KATYPERRYstar Rose Quartz :iconkatyperrystar:KATYPERRYstar 8 0 Paris by KATYPERRYstar Paris :iconkatyperrystar:KATYPERRYstar 4 4


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The artwork is amazing and very detailed and the dialog is short,but full of emotion which is shown by the expression of the characters. If I had one critique it would be the slight inconsistency with Chara's hair in the first and second panel. Since she has her hair cut short in the third panel; but the panel before she had only half of her her original hair cut. If that was intentional then I suggest fixing the third panel by making a little bit of hair peek out to show she has one side of her hair cut short. All in all however it's a very well done, and I hope to see more thoughtful and well drawn things like this in the future.
Working my A double S off in December! *Sigh* So much for holidays


                                 The return of Zane

Pixel looked forlornly out of Borg’s office window her eyes scanning Ninjago and the sullen scene beneath her. Pixel’s eyes were stuck upon the park where Zane’s statue stood proudly newly unveiled the falcon perched loyally upon it. Pixel placed a hand to her power source a memory of Zane, he gave her a piece of his power source to keep her alive, so now he was forever a part of her as she was to him. Pixel closed her eyes running through her memory banks every time she saw Zane face she.. felt sad. Before she’d ever met Zane she thought she was what she was programmed to do but when she met him she found out how wrong that was, she found out how different she was like Zane had said: we are all different.....” Now she’d never see him again, she closed her eyes again letting her mind drift to memories of Zane, she let time pass her it meant nothing to her not without him. Suddenly she heard a sound it was a voice “You are vital to me” Then another voice her own “You are vital to me” She looked at the screen pictures of Zane and on another one her, suddenly her voice chimed in “I will see you again” Pixel felt her heart race “ Zane” She whispered aloud she watched as sparks of electricity flash from the computer, from the security camera she saw the factory equipment moving. Pixel felt her heart accelerate and before she even knew what she was doing, she raced down the stairwell and through the automatic doors of the factory. The conveyer belt moved automatically, the machines all stopped Pixel looked around her, unable to contain her obvious excitement. Her eyes darted everywhere, her smile broadening. Suddenly the conveyer lurched on more time Pixel put her hands over her mouth suddenly she heard it again a familiar voice. “Are we compatible now?” Pixel turned to face Zane he looked different from before he was made of titanium his eyes a glowing blue but wearing the same gee as before. Pixel couldn’t contain herself running full tilt towards him, throwing both of her arms around him; Zane hesitated but put his arms around her to. “But how?” Pixel blurted out nearly yelling she was so happy to see him again. “When we were in the digi verse battling the overlord I made a copy of all my memories and used the blueprints you used to make the nindroids to build this, he said looking down. If she could Pixel would have blushed, she was under the control of the Overlord when she built the nindroids and wanted to forget that memory. She was so glad to have him back they stood there for a few more moments enjoying the moment they were reunited ad now that he was back Pixel felt whole again. Pixel felt a wave of realisation over her she grabbed Zane by the hand and pulled him toward the stairs. “We must tell the others” Pixel and Zane reached the bottom of the stairs quicker than she’d expected, but she still had to tell the Ninja the great news that Zane was back. They both stopped short, Pixel and Zane saw an outline of someone standing by the entrance blocking their path, Pixel stepped in front of Zane her expression changing from exciting to serious “I’m sorry but Borg industries is closed and Mr. Borg is not here” The figure stepped forward meeting Pixel halfway in the middle of the room.

“Oh I’m not here for your boss...” Pixel couldn’t see the strangers face becasue of the scarf he wore covering most of his face, but he wore a triangular hat similar to Sensei Wu’s and long hair reaching  to his sholders. Zane gave the stranger a sceptical look he disliked the sound his voice it was gruff it didn’t sound like the voice of someone who came for a friendly chat, it sounded like someone who meant business.  

“I came here for him” The stranger pointed towards Zane, Pixel saw two men standing behind Zane she felt a surge of panic

“Zane look out!” She called out

Too late...............


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