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Jareth, The Goblin King

Did someone call the goblins?

All right, I couldn't resist. This is a temporary faceup, it will be removed to give way to Jack Celliers' unshaven mug, so enjoy while it lasts.

More HERE.

The doll is not a portrait of the real person but rather of the stage character.
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amaterazuhime's avatar
That's wonderful!I love it!
LexCorp213's avatar
this is the best Jareth David Bowie doll ive seen! Excellent job
Katyok's avatar
Thank you, you are very kind. :)
gabbiki's avatar
....Why is this so perfect? Bowie is literally so beautiful, his face fits dolls
MorgannaMasacre292's avatar
where did you get this!? it is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!
MirrorNeko's avatar
This is awesome!
Kishaniyami's avatar
He's gorgeous! What sculpt is he?
Panda-Cat's avatar
How the hell is that a doll? It's gorgeous! Looks just like him!! Wow!!!
stasi95's avatar
That's a DOLL... o.O WOW!
Sechzehn's avatar
Instead of wasting this pretty face, you should sell this doll to me *____*
Greatest Jareth doll of all time. this is amazing.
Katyok's avatar
Thank you! I'm afraid only David Bowie himself can afford this doll. ;)
Sechzehn's avatar
Total bummer. it's so gorgeous. You have a really great talent.:]
ziggyspet's avatar
i CANNOT believe how beautiful this doll is...
GlamourousGlue's avatar
annnh but thats awesome! How can you not keep it? ;-;
Cesteel's avatar
This.... is...... so...... wonderfully amazing!
Mythian's avatar
That's fantastic work.
AlyceElric's avatar
pinkykitti's avatar
simply amzing...hehe if I had a doll like that, I would play all day Mooohahaha! :P
BloodyVoodoo's avatar
Am I to understand that you made this? :omg: It's amazing!!!
Nulize's avatar
Jareth! Yay! You're a magician! Love your works and your dolls.
XoBrittuhoX's avatar
This is so freaking awesome!!
HarleyQuinnBJD's avatar
OMG! Its Jareth!! <3 this is perfect! He looks amazing!!
velvettwilight's avatar
Oh he looks fantastic! O.O --love the Goblin King :)
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