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Sukai Dragon

Because I love :iconaki--tenraku:'s Sukai.

Dragons are <3 Especially this dragon
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Can i use this as a oc please
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Hello! I'm here to inform you that your picture has been used without permission in Facebook. The white background being removed and pasted into a game's Dragon City background. Just informing because the same used had again uploaded another copy pasted picture. The person in Facebook is Saif Fouad.
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Looove dragon's myself and this one's epic!!Awesome job:D
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Everything you do is just so amazing! I love your art, and everything about it.
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OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*
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what did u use for the colors! i love it!!!
XxLordRage666xX's avatar
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Inspiring... Relaxing... COOL!!! AWESOME!!
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This is an awesome dragon =D like the wolf in it ^^
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*ttly is in love with the claws*
it looks so amazing~ <3
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awesome coloring =D
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Geez I remember when you were first starting with new mediums
you have amazing color sense
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Haha funny thing is, I remember when I first started using different mediums too...and you've been watching me forever :3
I'm really glad you see improvement. It's hard to judge my own improvement
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it seems like everytime i come back your art gets more and more beautiful ^^
you're leavin' everyone behind here!
btw, you still doing steampunk stuff?
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Awww :hug: Thank you so much for the nice compliments ^.^

And yep, still working on steampunk stuff. I'm mostly sticking to the heart pendants now, but every now and then I do a different kind of piece.
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well then looking forward to more
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wow I like the way you color "Sukai" Great work :D
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