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Rainbow Watercolor Process

Hey guys! A lot of people have been asking for this. One of my most faq is how I personally go about doing a watercolor background, and how to keep the edges so clean. Well, there are a thousand ways to do this, but personally I use this method:
1. Lightly sketch out the subject
2. Wet most of the area I want to fill in the background
3. Paint carefully around the subject, and get the background design I want
4. Wait for the background to dry
5. Paint the subject! :D

I don't use any masking fluid or anything like that.
Maybe I'll do a full tutorial sometime. I liked this picture, so I thought I might as well share it.
In the background I have PH martin's concentrated watercolors. They are very bright and vibrant :3
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What brand of watercolor do you use and what kind of watercolor paper do you use? Does anyone know?
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 in her description she says she uses PH martin's concentrated watercolor and in a different tutorial i think i saw that she uses bristol watercolor paper...
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pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase do a full tutorial >.<!! not because i wanna copy your technique and la-dee-dah, but i just wanna see a pro at work >.<!!!
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Do you dilute the colors, or drop them right on to the paper? Also what colors of PH do you recommend? I just got a set of rainbows inspired by your work here, but I cannot seem to get the same effect. Requesting tutorial! :)
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Love iiiiiiiiiiiiit! :D
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OOOoooOOOOoooo....... Nice job!!
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Is this wet onto wet for the blending part in the background?
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What typ of paint it that?
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Trust me, I am your no 1 fan!!! You are making great things...
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I love it, pretty cool! I'm not too good with watercolors, but I'll sure try your method to this kind of art!(:
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Your art makes me want to take an art class. I have not taken one in like almost 9 years. Thanks for saying what you use: the PH martin's concentrated watercolors.
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Nice job, very rainbowy
LeaSmile's avatar
beautyful ! you are amazing
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omfg!....*crys8 this is just beautiful!
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Yes! Please do a full tutorial. :D This is awesome by the way. :)
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I'm working on one :D Thank you!!
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YAY! and No problem. :P
2-my-cynical-crowzz's avatar
:squee: :squee: :squee:
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This is so cool~ It would be awesome if you did a full tutorial~

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I really wish I could paint so amazingly as you
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this looks great
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WOW very nice :D
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