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Fox and Dragon

This week I had an art block. Bleah. This is the best I could come up with. I kinda like the character designs :/
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Kinda reminds me of my friends, a dark fairy Ice/Wind Dragon a Pyro Kitsune
Hai there! This art is absolutely amazing. Could I use it as profile picture for a YouTube account, fox&dragon gaming? That'd be really awesome ^-^
icegal123's avatar
ummm many things to say -
1) this is amazing!
2) this is impressive
3) how did you get this on deviant art?? Take a picture?? or scan it or something??
crazed-fangirl-rar's avatar
yhe clouds make me think of oner of the worlds on spyro.... on dreammakers or somthing! pure epic!
Xstar2's avatar
this pic is just epic!
DarkVilley's avatar
Beautiful work. I love the colors. Yes, ant the design is amazing.
Mizzleturtle22's avatar
oh wow amazing !!! did u use watercolor O.o?
Monkey-Meets-Banana's avatar
I really wish I could draw and come up with beautiful ideas like you! I love all the colors and the designs, specially the dragon!
itsmar's avatar
i love your art so much it's so beautiful and colorful:XD:
seasonaldragon1's avatar
I really like both character designs, and how they're colour opposites of each other. I don't know if that was intentional, but it looks great :3

What media do you use, if your don't mind me asking. I have a feeling you use Polychromos pencils and Bristol Board, but I might be thinking of someone else ^^;
veritasBtold's avatar
I like how the wolf came out, it's very cool and looks like it has wings or something. The dragon actually looks wolf-ish and fish-ish! :XD: Your clouds are awesome they look like they belong in an asian film. :XD: good job well, fo someone who had an art block!
mysticspiritwolf's avatar
ART BLOCK? Yeah right. I can't even do this.
How long does this take you? And what do you use to color the wolf and the dragon?
Starcraft3000's avatar
beautiful and spiritful this drawing
skater4's avatar
very good, i like the colours
ArticWolfSpirit's avatar
so pretty and sparkly. very interesting pic. very good. i like the colors.
crazygirl250's avatar
Love the colours ^_^
nonnihil's avatar
Absolutely beautiful.
thatwillowkid's avatar
I reallllly like that dragon.:P
Utakame's avatar
This is beautiful, art block huh? I dont believe it ;P
Especcially like the design f the dragon <3
IceStormWolf's avatar
those look incredible~ :D yay the white pen of amazing sparklies returns~
KatyLipscomb's avatar
Why thank you Ice! I appreciate it :3 I haven't talked to you in have you been?
IceStormWolf's avatar
you're welcome~ :D i'm sorry i'm not good at giving very detailed descriptions of why i like soemthing, but i really like your picture :D
i know~ that's mostly cuz of my stupid ipod, and it doesn't like to let me comment on things :D
..*thinks* other than having to work in the heat, and i hurt myself at work, i'm pretty good :D
how are you?
KatyLipscomb's avatar
Haha it's okay :) Sorry about getting hurt at work >.< I'm pretty good as well. Just enjoying summer :3
IceStormWolf's avatar
x3 n'aww it's okay, i tend to do that alot :D i'm accident prone~
yay~ i hope u have fun in alaska btw, how long will you be there?
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