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128- Ravenclaw


For those of you who value wit, learning, and wisdom above all else. Who here is a Ravenclaw?

By the way, I know there is much debate when a raven instead of an eagle is depicted on the crest. I chose to loosely depict raven anatomy, but incorporated some gold to allude to the eagle.  No nasty comments about that choice please <3 It's an aesthetic decision on my part, and I wanted to add my own spin on the crest. 

I'll be posting the other two houses soon!

Limited number of badges are now available on storenvy before my summer convention circuit:…

127- Gryffindor by Lucky978129- Hufflepuff by Lucky978 130- Slytherin by Lucky978 Untitled by Lucky978 

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Can I use this picture for commerical use

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I consider myself a Ravenclaw....and we're the least loved or recognized house. 
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it can't be just me that thinks it's odd to name a house "ravenclaw" and then have an eagle as the mascot, surely?
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I am definitely Raven claw
PenGwenStudios's avatar
sooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pinopip3-LEL's avatar
so niceee and colorful and smooth!
Comet-Glaceon's avatar
Im in Ravenclaw, but I'm probably better fit for Slytherin since I'm both cunning and sneaky
JumpinJaggi's avatar
Beautiful feathers and designs. :) I would belong in raven claw if I was in Hogwarts.
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I'm only just a hufflepuff instead of a ravenclaw, it's close. This is wonderful! ^_^
Pandiion's avatar
Yeah! Love ravenclaw! Wit beyond measure, is man's greatest treasure.
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I prefer the raven! Eagles are hackneyed (though of course still cool birds)and even apart from the name a raven makes much more sense (being very intelligent). Dance! 
Ravenclaw pride!
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Ravenclaw Pride!! n.n
IDontKnowAboutToday's avatar
Lovely usage of blue. :)
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RavenClaw is home. Because knowledge is power. 
venusbombyx's avatar
I'm a Ravenclaw and proud too. I might be Syltherin though. Not cause I'm a misunderstood, emo, goth girl, just because I tend to manipulate others to my advantage way too much. 
Astra-Phantom5654's avatar
I sound like I'd be a ravenclaw because I value wit and wisdom from learning from events that have happened to me but yet I also sound like a Slytherin because I'm misunderstood too because of how different I am from many people in my school 
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You are talented, I am absolutely in love with your drawings! Keep up the fantastic job!
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