Secret Santa Wishlist
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Published: November 20, 2013
Oh man oh man I almost forgot to do this. Been rushing trying to work on commissions with a ton of other things pulling me away aaaaaaa

This is actually my first time ever being able to do one of these, so I'm not exactly sure how to do it, so I'll just get to the list ; ;
Please do not draw any of my characters completely nude or in adult situations.

1. Lumi
Reference (only the character to the right)
Extensive Information (there's really a loooot of stuff there, so if you have any questions, they should be answered already)

2. Gloss
Gloss is genderfluid and their physical gender is a secret; it is unknown if they are female and wear a binder and pad their pants, or if they are male and pad a bra. They are extremely androgynous, both in face and body, and I honestly don't mind which gender you choose to portray them (if you so choose to draw them) as long as you don't draw something like a pantyshot in which a physical gender is clearly shown.

3. Paint
Makeup Reference (she's almost always wearing it)
Uniform Reference here and here, and team logo here.
Side note: she only wears bras when cheerleading.

I'm sorry I don't have refs of any of my male characters. I hope whoever ends up drawing for me is okay with females ;n;
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shroduHobbyist General Artist
You never answered me in the previous journal. :/
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Katyenka-Svetlana Digital Artist
I just checked to make sure I didn't accidentally remove a comment without reading it, and you haven't commented on the past 5 journals so I'm not sure what you're talking about, sorry. :c
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shroduHobbyist General Artist
Weird.  I KNOW I posted a comment on your Secret Santa journal via mobile.

It was essentially "I've wanted to be a part of the secret santa experience, but never learned what it was all about?  Can you tell me how it works?"
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Katyenka-Svetlana Digital Artist
Ah, well I didn't get it. ono
Basically someone organizes the event and gets participants, whether it's open to applications or by invite only, and gives each participant the name and wishlist of another participant for whom they SECRETLY draw something from their wishlist. Each participant has a set amount of time to complete their gift, and then they're given (in the form of uploading and linking the person to it) usually on the 24th or 25th.