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Chapter 1: Lady Croft
I will return and I will be millions.
HOWARD FAST, Spartacus
1. Lady Croft
The old lady slowly pulled back the curtain and inquisitively surveyed the outer landscape. Croft Manor was calm, silent and serene as usual, the ticking of the old clock being the only sound there.
She'd arrived in advance, as always. She wanted to be there when her granddaughter arrived, to greet her personally. No negligence on the part of Lady Croft - not with her.
That girl meant the world to her.
She winced at the distant roar of the engine. She frowned - of course, he brought her on the motorbike. On that huge, noisy, monstrous motorbike.
The horror.
She watched with a critical eye as the manor gates opened and the shiny Brough Superior SS100 made its entrance. An old glory, and Lady Croft would've been surprised if only she were interested in such things, how much that vehicle had endured and its merit in surviving through it all.
Same as its driver.
That man -
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 6 0
Lara Croft PT by Leo-25 Lara Croft PT :iconleo-25:Leo-25 154 6
Chapter 2: Home
It may have been almost sixteen years since she'd first been there, but Selma Al-Jazeera's apartment was still a mess. Lara unexpectedly stumbled over a thick book that only-God-knows-why was on the floor, and as she staggered, struck a fragile table with her hip and overturned a glass of juice next to a pile of papers, spilling it over the sheets. The British explorer caught the glass in time before it tumbled to the ground, and after looking around, tossed it into a nearby wastebasket and covered it with scraps of wrinkled papers. Then she simply plugged the whole mess with a few more books and papers.
“I saw that, babe.” Zip murmured while not looking away from the screen, in front of his new server at one end of the study.
"What Selma doesn’t know won’t hurt her." Lara said, glancing sideways at the slow dripping of the sticky liquid that began to trickle beneath the pile of papers.
“Yeah, sure.”  Zip shook his head. "But if the princess fin
:iconmeldelen:Meldelen 7 0
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I am a Goth geek, I am self employed as a graphic and web designer, author and blogger. I work as a cashier and supervisor in a grocery store. I have been doing graphic designs since 2007 and web designs since 2010. I have been drawing off and on for many years. I mostly enjoy the digital art.

Something I get asked a lot, "How did you learn graphic/web design?" all of it was, for the most part, self taught. I did and still do of course rely on tutorials online. But all of it was self taught, I haven't gone to school for it, yet. I would like to in the future.

Nickname: Kat
Occupation: Author, graphic and web designer.
Born: June 14, 1991
Hometown: USA
Years Active
Graphic Designs: 2007-present
Web Designs: 2010-present
Author: 2000-present

Fun Facts
Elvish name: Rodwen (Pure)
Elvish Character: Rainel (Wandering Star)
Languages: English, Bad English, Sarcasm, Profanity, Elvish
Games: Tomb Raider, Pirates of the Caribbean online, Lord of the Rings Online
Music: Metal, Dubstep, Nighcore
Authors: Nora Roberts, J.R.R Tolkien
Hobbies: Graphic Design, Reading, Writing, Collecting TY beanie babies,
Actors: Orlando Bloom, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds
Movies: Tomb Raider, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean
Shows: Ghost Adventures, Doctor Who, Vamoire Knight, Family guy, American Dad

Wanna know more about me?…

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Title: Adventures of Lara and Jack: Dealing with Demons
Category: Games » Tomb Raider
Author: RainelArodoniel (KatyeBear)
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Chapters: 6, Words: 13,559


Chapter one
The daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft, Lara was brought up in the secure world of aristocracy surrounded by tennis, butlers and corgis. But this all started to change when she went to the renowned school of Gordonstoun and found the mountains of Scotland. Later, at her Swiss finishing school, she took to the art of extreme skiing and spent a holiday in the Himalayas searching for more challenging terrain.
On her return trip however, the plane crashed deep within the mountains and Lara was the only survivor. Two weeks later, when she walked into a mountain village, her experiences had, had a profound effect on her. Unable to stand the suffocating atmosphere of upper class British society any longer, she realized she was only truly alive when she was traveling alone.
Lara's parents though, having sported hopes of her marrying the Earl of Farringdon, were less than convinced about this chosen lifestyle and ceased to associate with their daughter – even terminating her monthly allowance. The Earl is still waiting.
While in England, Lara lives in a mansion in Surrey, which she inherited many years ago. At one time she saw little use in it but now realizes that, if nothing else, it is at least handy for storing all the artifacts she has acquired on her travels. She has also had a custom-built assault course constructed in the grounds for training purposes.
Lara's parents had never approved of her life style, the only one she knew who approved and who was always there for her was her long time friend Jack Wes. Lara and Jack briefly dated when they were younger but broke it off due to Lara always being gone on her adventures. It all started back when Lara was sixteen.
On her first adventure Lara accompanies Werner Von Croy on an adventure to the temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia in the hope of finding the mystical "Iris." However, the trip is cut short by an accident where Lara is forced to abandon her companion in order to save her own life. Later on one of Lara's adventure she is forced to work with Jack
~Lara and Jack's First Adventure~
Young Lara sat on her bed in her bedroom of Winston's cottage. She's getting ready to change for bed but was interrupted by a noise. She opened her door to see Winston opening the front door, revealing a dark figure in a hat, which turns out to be Father Patrick.
"Evenin' Winston, and how would I be able to help?" Father Patrick asked as he walked in and followed Winston to the dinning room. The Priest sat down at the table.
"So people have seen these apparitions out at the island?" Father Patrick asked as Winston started to sit on the opposite side of the table.
"There's talk of little else in the village. I'm doing all I can to keep this gossip from Lara." Winston said
Lara walks to the dinning room and opens the door a crack to eavesdrop on their conversation.
"Aye, yet would be a wise man. It would be unwise for her curiosity to draw her to that place." Father Patrick agreed.
"And you have some idea of what it could be?"
"To be frank with you, no. But as the devil finds work for idle hands, I've spoken with Father Finnegan, and I have a boat chartered for the crossing late on this very evening." Father Patrick told him.
"Good Lord! You have not chosen the evening for it." Winston asked as he looked out the window and watched the rain coming down hard, and the wind blowing tree branches against the windows.
"I have my faith to protect me, Winston."
"Be careful, I fear that on that island it is what you cannot see that will hurt you."
"Time to get to the bottom of this, old friend."
As Father Patrick rise to go Lara climbs out her window and drops to the ground outside. She follows Father Patrick to the boat he told about and hid inside, Father Patrick began to steer the boat across the water. He turns to wave to Winston. As the boat crosses the ocean, Lara peer out from under a tarp to see what's going on. The boat docks at a rocky approaches a rocky island and after letting Father Patrick disembark, when he is far enough Lara jumps out and hides behind some rocks. She turns to watch the boat return the way it came.
The priest opens a concealed door in the rock face and enters a passageway. Lara is hiding nearby and sees all this. Lara climbs out from behind a rock she hears a noise behind her and turns to see what is happening.
"Hey Lara." He said smiling and struggling to climb the wet rocks.
She walks to him and slaps him.
"What the bloody hell was that for?" Jack asked lifting his hand to rub his red sore cheek.
"You know bloody damn well what that was for."
"Lara how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?"
"Well sorry isn't going to cut it this time. Go home." She starts to follow the Priest
"I cant."
"Why?" Lara turns with anger on her face
"I don't know how to get home." He turned and pointed to the boat in the distance.
Lara growled. "Find then stay here." She started to walk away.
"I'm not going to stay here by my self. This place gives me the creeps." He ran after her.
"Scaredy cat."
"Hey just cause I'm a guy does not mean I can't be scared. Have you seen this place? It would scare the crap out of any guy. No matter how tough he was."
"Could you just PLEASE! Stop talking?" When she saw him open his mouth then close it again she turned around and started walking again. "Thank you."
Jack just looked at her confused. 'Why is she acting like this? I didn't mean to do any thing to her.' Jack thought as they continued to walk.
"I can't believe you followed me."
"Well I came to the house to talk to you. And I saw you sneaking out so I wanted to know what it was you were hiding from me."
"WHAT! Is this what this is about!" Lara stopped and looked at Jack.
"Well yeah. But I didn't figure you would catch me."
"Yes?" He asked with a sarcastic smile.
"You know I could just throw you off this cliff right now."
"See you wouldn't do that."
"And why wouldn't I?"
"Cause you still love me I know you do."
"No Jake I don't, now please just leave me alone. If you have to follow me don't talk to me anymore."
"Fine then I wont then."

read more on…



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