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Blue Boat #inktober #inkfebruary

By KatyAmlie
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watercolors and graphite on watercolor paper


just a boat! :3

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Everything reads pretty well for the boat in the scene, value wise. I like the deep shadow underneath boast and by the stairs. Perspective wise, I don't think the steps would be showing. I like how the boat is slightly tilted and the people that are huddled at the end. In my drawing class, my instructor always cautioned against having a "white halo" surrounding your piece, so I would suggest getting some things to go off the page. I do like how you did the river, and how there are some things on the other side of the bank. I would caution against having the corners "cut off" as the bank does in your piece, so maybe have rocks or something to kind of break up that like a bit, maybe put something in the foreground. I think the lamppost is great, it really pulls the viewers eye upward. Because of that I would suggest having some things in the upper portion of the page to move the viewers eye around more, maybe some trees on the other side of the bank or some birds taking off. A lot of the stuff is outlined, and that is ok for some areas. The items in the boat that are just white with outlines and doesn't read as well from far away which is what you want, so, if you wanted strong highlights for the items in the boat, maybe put in a light gray (very few things in nature are pure white) and have some deep shadows. There would also be shadows for the clothes line on the items in the boat. Overall though, I think this is a great piece! Well done!
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Ok, so for starters....I really liked the whole picture. The little island, the boat, the water, all beautifully done. I would suggest filling in a bit more of the sky, like you did the right hand side. I also think I would have left out the steps, as they look crooked. Perhaps a dock instead? I love the hues and how you have the boat just slightly tipping as well. It gives it a good sense of depth. I think it gives the viewer a sense of pleasure to look at and would make a wonderful piece of art for in the home. Great job once again! Hope you didn't mind my sayings.- AshleysArtsyCorner
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you are crazy talented with watercolours! your paintings have such an impact on emotions <3
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Pretty cool sketch!
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Do you know that this works for me. I have read some of the comments in the critiques and have to say that no matter what conventional wisdom says it is still the viewer who decides whether or not he likes the piece. I have always enjoyed most of your work as you know, but this one really stood out for me. It is a simple piece of work which tells a lovely story. Forget the detail like shadows from the clothes on the line. If you wanted that sort of detail you would not be the artist that I admire.
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wow thank you :0 !
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Saddness it reflects...:)
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not really ^^'
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I like the color on this one. the look of the boat is great as well.
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Yes is still my bluish/black ink used in the other works too :)
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nice. sorry if I don't say much in my comments, I don't really have a knack for art and I don't want to be talking out of thin air.
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lovely well done on drawing watercolor art of boat~!
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thank you! :33
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