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A picture I was asked to make. I`m trying to get a job. They wanted typical wizard.)
I did.
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Holy shit this is just amazing I would love to use this for a video. If you don't mind I would  leave links to the artwork and homepage. 
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YES, this one. :) Truly awesome. THANKS!!!!
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Dreamlike beautiful!
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Really wish I could get this on canvas for my boss. He LOVES wizards.
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Great work! Looks like a mixture of Merlin (Sword in the Stone) and Dumbledore (Harry Potter). I love it!
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This is the perfect illustration of what a wizard should look like. Beautiful
Hello! I am Brazilian and I am writing a book of magics to a version of the old school rpg d20 system , called old dragon . Could I use your drawing and quote you in the credits ? Not much money, but depending on how much to charge , I would be happy to pay .
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Oh my god, that's amazing! I love the texture of his beard and the warm glow around him. The whole picture looks so relaxing...
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One of my all time favorite images of a wizard. Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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Fantastic work!
This image is wonderful. Can I use it as background for my blog? It's a non-commercial blog about fantasy...
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I think you succeeded in depicting a typical wizard, love it!!!
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It looks like Merlin (The Wizard). ;)
Wow Incredible... Can you let me use this art for an indie board game im doing... I really dont have money to pay you :( you will get the credits and all
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cool wizard blessed be
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He looks wise and sage-like! nice job!
Ive seen a variation of this. Different wizard. The books were labeled "wizard of oz", "alice in wonderland", ect. Coke bottle on a shelf. Things like that .was awesome. This one is spectacular. Love it.
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Prospero, from Face in the Frost!

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That's absolutely awesome...
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Wonderful, but why THAT much beard falling through his right shoulder?
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