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Commissions are currently: Open.

Chocolate HobNobs by Katy133 Morwenna - Cube by Katy133 Knife Tail by Katy133 Holden Moss - Baseball Bat Swing by Katy133 Sid Snot 'ere by Katy133
The 4th Doctor - Tom Baker by Katy133 Enthusiasm is the Antonym of Indifference by Katy133 The Reliant Robin by Katy133 Johnny Powell Portrait by Katy133
Matthew the Magic Man by Katy133 Skulduggery Pleasant by Katy133 Beat Surrender by Katy133

Commission Offers and Prices

:bulletblue: Character/Prop Lineart.
Price: $10
$5 per extra character.

:bulletblue: Digitally Coloured and Shaded Character.
Price: $30
$5 per extra character.
$10 extra for a complex background (simple coloured backgrounds are free of extra charge).
:bulletgreen: To request a character drawing commission:
1. Note me with the following:
- Description of what you want me to draw.
- If you want specific things, please tell me (like if you want a full body, head shot, the character to be doing something specific, specific art style, specific image dimentions, etc).
- How you want the background (Simple or complex, etc).
2. I'll then reply. I'll send you links to rough drafts of the commission to make sure you're happy with the progress of the picture.
3. Once I've finished the commission, I'll ask you to pay, then I'll post the image publicly (sorry, but I won't post it until I'm paid). I'll also send you a link to download a full-size version of the complete picture.
:bulletyellow: Please Note:
- I accept Paypal.
- No refunds.
- I hold the right to refuse a commission offer.
- I will still fully own my work. If you want to use my work outside of deviantART, you still need to ask for my permission (which I'll most likely say "yes" to :) ).
- If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
:bulletpurple: Commission Slots:
© 2013 - 2020 Katy133
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