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Disco Elysium - Sketches


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Disco Elysium - Sketches


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That's My Office

The Butler Detective

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Disco Elysium - Sketches

Fan Art

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Grow Better Zine - Aziraphale Photo

Good Omens Fanart

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04 - Aziraphale in a Crowd

Detroit Become Human Fanart

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Halcyon Cafe Poster - The Stranger

Halcyon Cafe Podcast

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Gyepi Logo Design

Poster and Wallpaper Designs

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Holden Caulfield Portrait

Life Art

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Dapper Cat Model

3D Art

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Going AWOL: A Free-Verse Poem

An amazing feeling To be invisible Going rogue Being a ghost Wandering Knowing that somewhere A world away from you A lost soul Is waiting for you To hand in a paper That they will never get Because you are busy Combing a beach Camping Picking flowers Or doing nothing at all In your wooden Muskoka chair Because Life Is Too Short to be writing that paper


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Q and A VTuber Video - 200 Milestone

Animation, Interactive, and Animatics

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Art Improvement Meme - 2020


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Resonance: Musical Warrior


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Sareth the Talking Claymore - Sticker

The Heart of Tales

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Adrian - Letterman Jacket

redacted Life

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Fishing Hook - MLJ Poster

Must Love Jaws

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Dino Wallpaper - NOTEBOOK MERCH

Three Guys That Paint

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The Journey of Ignorance Postmortem

The Journey of Ignorance

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Amelia and the Blob - Concept Art

The Blob

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Dr. Peril Portrait

Dr. Peril and Detective Flame

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Concept Art - Bird Mascot ALTO


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Holden Moss - Baseball Bat Swing

Borrowed Time

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Robot Presses Button Stop Motion

Starship Icarus

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Wolf Transformation

The Wolves of Ayer Castle

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Scully the Skeleton

Dungeons and Dragons

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The Sphinx and the Philosopher

Project Sphinx

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Nathaniel and Colin Redesign

Project O

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Puss in Boots and Donkey Joke

A Small Crime and Shrek

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Enthusiasm is the Antonym of Indifference

Project H

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AESIR Page 20


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Soul Duty Page 18

Soul Duty

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Just Another Typical Day

Project OA

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Backyardigans Creed WIP


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