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Must Love Jaws - Cover Concept

Based off this trailer.
"Steven Spielberg’s classic horror becomes a family movie similar to Free Willy. The title is a parody of the romantic comedy Must Love Dogs."
In homage to Must Love Dogs, I had the main characters sitting on a bench with a (fake) animal between them, similar to Dogs' theatrical film poster.

For the perspective on the bench (which was remarkably difficult to get right for some reason--but it might have just been because I was sick while drawing this), I used this nifty thing.

The beach is meant to be Sauble Beach, a Canadian beach in Ontario, on the shore of Lake Huron. It also is known for containing no freshwater sharks. Let alone albino ones. For the longest time, there was going to be a bent signpost with the words, "Welcome to SAUBLE BEACH" in the shape of a shark fin (much like the real entryway sign for Sauble Beach) to the right of the drawing, but I decided against it; it wrecked the symmetry of the whole thing.

This is meant to be concept art for a pitch for 2015's A Game By Its Cover. A game jam where you are meant to create a game based on another's fake cover art (or, in this case, a fake trailer).

The bloke on the right (with the hat)'s haircut was slightly difficult to find reference photos for. I couldn't think of the name of the haircut. After a bit of searching, I eventually found the right keywords: The haircut's a cross between a Monk Haircut and a Bowl Cut. (The book the guy's reading says, "Marine LIFE.")

I also tried to keep a narrowed colour scheme for this. I settled with blue, pink, and beige, with a touch of white and grey.

Also, I'm still on cold meds, so if none of this makes sense, I'm blaming that.
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