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Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
It's November now. That time of year where I look at myself and all my projects and start figuring out what stays and what doesn't, so I don't burn a candle at both ends and wear myself to a shadow. It's like pruning a rosebush. Or hacking the limbs off the Black Knight. Letting go of what slows you down. 


:bulletblue: Social media (Tumblr, Twitter) stuff: Still going strong.
:bulletblue: Bi-daily Twitch Streaming: Started in June, and still going strong. I'm trying to get Affiliated, so every viewer helps. Come follow me if you haven't already.
:bulletblue: Drawing Circus: Completed! You can watch the recording of the livestream here, where I was one of the featured artists.
:bulletblue: The Brown Notebook and Writings of a Wandering Wonderer blogs: Dead. I have no plans on continuing them. I'm not happy with just writing essays anymore. They're just not engaging enough in this Age of Algorithm Apocalypse. It's too difficult for people to find them, and I enjoy writing in the video essay format more. I want to make more video essays, but...
:bulletblue: Video Essays: Since Y*uTube has made it clear that they are no longer supportive of their video creators, I've stopped production on my video essay scripts, leaving the ones I've written (and there are A LOT) on the backburner. The video essays will come back once a new video sharing website appears to compete with Y*uTube. I've made a playlist of my past video essays.
:bulletblue: Cover songs: I said in my last update video that I'd continue making music videos and cover songs but I just really can't stand posting videos on Y*uTube after their latest palaver, so that's currently out. It's put me right off. Any magic I felt while posting videos on that platform is currently gone. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Mike Falzone gives a good explanation of what's been going on. As it has been mentioned by other video creators, Y*uTube's also now appears to be against creators and artists doing charity stuff (saying the site doesn't permit screenshots of donations), which is like the total opposite direction I want to go in, since making stuff to raise money for charity fundraisers like Extra Life (since Twitch directly supports streamers doing that) and SickKids Hospital are things I want to do in the future (that's the projectory I'm aiming for eventually reaching). I'm trying to find the motivation to post on Y*uTube, but... it stings, you know? There's been some talk that Twitch is going to open itself up to video essays in the future, so there's hope.
:bulletblue: Stream Archives: I also said that I'd post my past Twitch broadcasts on YouTube, but then I realised that my archive of videos is over 170 hours long and growing (since I do 1-2 hour livestreams 4 days a week), and I simply don't have time to edit through that much footage. So that's also off. At least until I come up with something.
:bulletblue: Someone plagiarised one of my paintings and tried to sell it as a t-shirt without telling me: That's been sorted. I got in touch with the t-shirt design company, and they've removed it from their shop. They are no longer doing business with the plagiarist.


:bulletblue: Sans1KaL: Released! Go watch this 10 minute Undertale fan animation here.
:bulletblue: The Heart of Tales: Completed! Go play it on Itchio.  It's free. You can date a sword. What's not to love?
:bulletblue: Eight Sweets: Started production in 2016. Currently in Development Hell. Thinking about cancelling it.
:bulletblue: The Butler Detective: Will start production on it once I figure out what to do with Eight Sweets.
:bulletblue: W2H: 31 Days: Will continue production once I've finished The Butler Detective.
:bulletblue: Rumours in gaming news outlets that I have plans make a sequel to my Three Guys That Paint video game: Nope.
:bulletblue: VN Conference 2019: Still having discussions with the seminars' showrunner on that. People were disappointed that I was not one of the speakers last year because I said no, but we'll see this year.
:bulletblue: Everything else are secret projects I'm not ready to talk about yet.


So here is my 1-year Plan for the Conquest of Earth:

:bulletblue: Livestreams. Expect fanart for Detroit Become Human, Siames' Mr FEAR, and Good Omens. Because I've fallen down those rabbit holes. (Go read Good Omens. It's so good. And watch the trailer for the tv adaptation)
:bulletblue: Eight Sweets. I'm slowly working on what to do with it (Cancel it? Release it unfinished? Rush it to completion?). Followed by releasing its Postmortem.
:bulletblue: Visual Novel Conference 2019. I'll have more news on that sometime in December.
:bulletblue: Finish designing merch. You can see what I've designed so far on my Redbubble page.
:bulletblue: Start work on The Butler Detective.
:bulletblue: Commissions. Feel free to contact me for a commission. Here is where you can get all the details.
:bulletblue: PROJECT M: A secret project.



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Well. That's that then. Turrah!

  • Listening to: K/DA music video (the animation is amazing!)
  • Reading: The Inimitable Jeeves
  • Watching: The Good Omens trailer for the 100th time.
  • Drinking: Tea


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