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UPDATE: The tutorial has arrived! Check it out here:

To see what I'm doing you DO have to be in Eclipse mode, so here is a preview of it for those who can't see Eclipse yet:

Capture by Katy-L-Wood

And here is the tutorial:
Eclipse Profile Tutorial by Katy-L-Wood

And here's some samples of other styles of boxes you could make!

Eclipse Info Boxes Samples by Katy-L-Wood

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I love seeing the names of collections people add my work to. I have no idea why you put that in your "Sonic" folder but good for you.

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I think one of the things I miss most about old dA (and, really, the old internet in general) is how much more people engaged with the art posted here. Even DDs struggle to get many comments these days, and its quite sad. I think there's a lot of reasons behind it, things like the general shift to fast consumption of as much content as possible, the fear of being harassed/doxxed if you're perceived as doing something wrong under some arbitrary standard you weren't aware of, the fear of coming off as some sort of stalker, etc..

Since I was last super active on dA I have graduated with a degree in illustration with a focus on comic art and worked a variety of jobs in marketing and product development. I've marketed industrial magnets that sweep runways for debris to prevent aircraft damage and crashes, cannabis, other artists, museum grade replica fossils that anyone can buy, and a variety of other things, plus my own work of course. That wide range has given me a lot of room to try a lot of different things and the main things I've picked up over the years are these:

  1. The best way to get interaction is by asking a question.

  2. People don't know what to say/are afraid to say anything.

  3. Creators are embarrassed to ask/admit they want feedback/comments/encouragement because of the stereotype of the Nobel Artist who exists in a magic bubble without any outside input.

I think, if dA were to take advantage of the first point with an inbuilt feature, it could help alleviate the other two and rebuild the commenting and feedback culture on dA. Now, what I mean by this is what if, as part of the submission process, creators could choose a question to be displayed as a sort of header in the comment box as a starting point for discussion of their work? There could be a dropdown of 5-10 stock questions for all users, and the option to create a custom question for core users. And, of course, they could choose not to use the feature at all.

Doing this would give people who don't know what to say a starting point and the question being there makes it clear the user DOES want that sort of feedback, thus removing some of the fear about a comment being perceived as unwanted. On the creator side it gives a standardized format that can feel a little safer since everyone is doing it that way, and it also gives them a way to better share what KIND of feedback they want. The stock questions would be things like:

  1. What is your favorite part of this piece?

  2. What sort of feelings does this piece evoke for you?

  3. What do you think could be improved about this piece?

  4. What is your favorite line in this story?

  5. What drew your attention the most about this piece?

  6. What's a song you think matches this piece?

  7. {Insert Custom Question up to 180characters}

They'd be displayed as slightly faded text at the top of a comment box. Something like this:


Obviously people can just do this in the descriptions of their deviations now, but I think having it built into the actual comment box itself would be more useful. It's harder to miss, especially in a long description, and it's attached to the actual area where it is meant to be used.

Anyways, that's just my thoughts on it! I really would love to see commenting culture rebuilt. Anyone else got ideas on how to bring it back?

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Not a fan of this new inbox. So much more clicking to get through everything.

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Once again poking around using dA more again. Just 100% fed up with most other social media, plus I'm super excited about a lot of what dA is doing to revitalize the site.

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Got a TikTok! Will mostly be art videos and adventurey stuff. Follow me @Katy_L_Wood.

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