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Miss Lightning

Lightning (Aya Brea ver.)
Final Fantasy Dissidia

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Pink hair really suits you!
Hypnocrown's avatar
Wow! Such beauty... talk about an amazing cosplay pic! Kudos!
rockero13's avatar
r those ur real eyes??? ;-)
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I look up 'lightning' and I find a girl with a sword and pink hair.
Just what I always wanted, thank you God :) lol

*cough* so how bout that Obama care huh?
NoelKreiss1's avatar
Gorgeous cosplay! I really like it! :)
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l-Xion-l's avatar
where did you get that wig o.o
Twiggisha's avatar
Beautiful cosplay! Beautiful girl! :)
xXxXRenoXxXx's avatar
You're eyes are awesome!
RyuzakLawliet's avatar
>.< most epic cosplay ever (besides "L" =>.<= )
darkmoi01's avatar
you are incredibly beautiful
Congratulations, a excellent composition. I like it !
OerbaKatMieke's avatar
sokumo's avatar
your an amazing lightning (Clarie farron) cosplayer
JukkaNightwish's avatar
very very beautiful cosplay, Awesome!!!
Steamyks's avatar
Как же все-таки радует наш русский качественный косплей))) Браво, больше нечего сказать =)
Spiritual-Dawn's avatar
I love that hair color! Is it a wig or did you dye the hair?
HollowNote's avatar
you really did that to your hair? u should leave it like that it looks amazing!
It looks like Lightning! WOOT! Well done! Out of any of the cosplays I've seen of her, your's is way up there...Though...You look so innocent! Maybe more like Serah...Hm...
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