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Aqua KH

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

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honestly! u look beautiful as Aqua
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I want to kiss you so bad!!!! You're face is just so perfect!!!!
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Good evening! I really love your cosplay images!
I wanted to ask for permission to use this image for a portrait I need to do for my illustration classes( like this:[link]) . If it's also possible,is there a bigger resolution of this image?
Sorry for the long post and sorry if I bothered you. : )
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Yes, sure :)
I'll search high resolution...
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Hello!! I've uploaded some work in progress of the image!

Hope you like it so far!
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WOW! It's so beautiful! :heart:
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Happy new year!
A long wait,but I hope it worthed it!:

(I will upload a better version of it when I get a better camera)
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Thank you very much! It's so beautiful!!!

If you have the possibility to scan your artwork of me, please do. I'd like to print it for myself. :heart:
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I'm really happy you like it!! ^^
Yes of course,tomorrow I will scan it, but if you want you can wait till friday when I'll add most likely a background and a frame around the picture too : )
Either way here's the image without the watermark:
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Oh thank you so much you're a saviour! :heart:
I'll show the teacher the pic and if I get approval I'll send you the wip's of the work and tell me if you like them! : )
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very pretty! :)
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you have such clear skin, it looks amazing! and love the wig!
it's for a friend* even if i don't i 'm telling you thank you for your attention
know your answer * really truly sorry >< didn't expect to make so much mistake ( my english is getting bar --')
hi , just wanna know where did you buy the wig for aqua ? ( which website ? if you 're remember the name , that's would help a lot !
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hmmmm..Your Eyes :blushes:
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Beyond gorgeous!
The cosplay is beyond amazing! <3
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