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Pashanna by KatuTheKat Pashanna :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 9 2 Joanna McCoy x Pavel Chekov by KatuTheKat Joanna McCoy x Pavel Chekov :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 10 9 Twerk it, girl! by KatuTheKat Twerk it, girl! :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 5 20 Okay, who took zem? by KatuTheKat Okay, who took zem? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 6 5 Clocks don't exist in Night Vale. by KatuTheKat Clocks don't exist in Night Vale. :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 253 14
Eto ne tvoya vina. (2009!Chekov)
A heavy sigh. How could he let that happen? She was gone now… because of him.
Chekov looked down at the ground, tears threatening to tumble down his cheeks. He swallowed; guilt a heavy lump in his throat. How could he face Spock now? He couldn’t… Shakily, he stood, finding a bottle of vodka in his quarters. He unscrewed the lid, drinking the clear liquid straight from the bottle. It burnt on the way down. He deserved it. Gasping, his eyes overflowed with the tears that then rolled down his pale cheeks. The vodka still in hand, he drank more. It seemed to make him feel worse, not better. He still deserved it. With this in mind, Chekov continued to drink, pushing himself deeper and deeper into a depressed state. He held the bottle tighter around the neck and held himself steady on the bed, looking up at a light in his room, and he cried. Hard. He tried not to make too much noise, which resulted in violent sobs shaking his frail frame.
Izvinite... I-Izvinite!
:iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 9 5
Ensign, what are you wearing? by KatuTheKat Ensign, what are you wearing? :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 6 4 Umbreon by KatuTheKat Umbreon :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 5 The Eon duo by KatuTheKat The Eon duo :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 2 Pokemon Fusion: Jigglychan by KatuTheKat Pokemon Fusion: Jigglychan :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 18 4 Valentines 2013 (Pokemon!USUK) by KatuTheKat Valentines 2013 (Pokemon!USUK) :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 130 12 Bunny!Prussia by KatuTheKat Bunny!Prussia :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 14 3 Bunnymerica~ by KatuTheKat Bunnymerica~ :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 13 17 Bunnyrisu by KatuTheKat Bunnyrisu :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 8 11 Snoooowwww by KatuTheKat Snoooowwww :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 3 90 Luckiest Rabbit of the Galaxy by KatuTheKat Luckiest Rabbit of the Galaxy :iconkatuthekat:KatuTheKat 2 2

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Ask Steve x Tony: Question 83 by Ask-StevexTony Ask Steve x Tony: Question 83 :iconask-stevextony:Ask-StevexTony 193 30
Friendly [Loki x Reader (pt19)]
"Alright, follow me, I told Thor to go spar with Steve or something. That should keep them busy for awhile," said Tony as he stepped behind you out of the building, zipping up his thin hoodie and donning a pair of aviators. It was uncanny, he looked like a completely different person!
People are stupid.
Because no one even suspected him the whole five blocks, so his conversation with you went uninterrupted, for which you were not so thankful.
"So how much did you hear?" Tony asked you as you two started down a sidewalk.
You feigned confusion. "Huh?"
"Oh please." He peered at you over the top of his glasses. "As if I didn't figure out you were evesdropping when I came out and saw you with the Cap."
You watched your feet. "I heard when she wanted to come back to work for you."
"Mm," he said. "Are you okay with her staying?"
"Why wouldn't I be?"
"I dunno," he shrugged. "You don't seem too thrilled about it. In fact, you didn't seem all that thrilled about her being safe and okay. Did some
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 236 184
SamxReader part 6
"When you said, 'after I get rid of Madeline,' I didn't expect that you meant after she has fallen asleep on the couch!" You whisper angrily at Sam who was holding his hand out to stop you from walking past the couch.
Sam shrugs, peeking around the corner to see if Madeline has actually fallen asleep or if she was waiting on Sam to walk in there. Well, you can at least check off, 'Acting like spies on a date,' on your list of 'things that you didn't think would ever happen while on a date.' Sam waves at you to follow him and you both tiptoe quickly out of the house to the back porch. Of course you knew you weren't safe yet but didn't expect Sam to grab your hand and start running down the steps and towards the stable.
"Um, Sam, I don't know what you are thinking but I am pretty sure there is no Meadow in the stable."
Sam glares at you and let's go of your hand, walking over to Asphalt's stall, "Who said we were walking all the way out to the meadow. We are going to ride A
:icongermanydoitsu:Germanydoitsu 3 3
About a friend
I know a person.
She is one of my best friends.
She is brilliant, kind, funny, smart and a little bit ditsy.
She has a complex about her height and likes her boobs.
She is a self-declared pervert, with a love for yaoi and Hetalia.
She likes Noriaki Sugiyama, Scott Freeman and Eric Vale a lot.
She worships USUK like you wouldn't believe.
She also ships stony.
She introduced me to the abridged versions of yu-gi-oh (card games on motorcycles).
She once did the majority of an RS project on her own (thank you).
She practises drawing a lot and has a particular dislike for the sciences (she fell asleep in two of them, read manga in one, played games in one and doodled through one) and maths.
She does not understand how the art course works.
She has a particular vendetta against our English teacher.
She likes to call me an "absolute fool" when I don't do things right in ICT.
She will do anything if she thinks she can get away with in (e.g. listening to hetaloids in an art exam).
She loves her
:iconlucki17:Lucki17 2 11
W00T! by ImWiththeUnicorn W00T! :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 12 54
SamXReader Part 5
Both of you have been sitting on the couch for a couple hours now. It was clear to you that Sam was purposely taking his time with his homework so he wouldn't have to spend time with Madeline. The fact that he would stand up walk into the kitchen, look around for nothing, and then walk out to sit down on the couch and stare at his textbook for another ten minutes before actually finishing up that piece of homework gave your suspicions truth.
This is about the up-teenth time that he has stood up. Before he could walk into the kitchen you grab his wrist and make him sit down again. "I need some help."
He glares at you. You are pretty sure for the fact that you didn't ask him for help, but you just ignore it and point to your science homework. Sam sighs and scoots closer to you and looks at your book. "What exactly is it that you are having trouble with?" He studies your book a bit more before he looks up at you with a blank stare. "This is about agriculture."
You smile at him, "Yep! So y
:icongermanydoitsu:Germanydoitsu 2 2
Hugging by saxitlurg Hugging :iconsaxitlurg:saxitlurg 58 21
New UK Model? (if you have a nico account you can see closely at him)
no download though (im not sure if he will be available) but it does look good i must say >n>
:iconxdreamofroses:xDreamOfRoses 14 207
Morning [Loki x Reader (pt18)]
It took you awhile to get up that morning, because it took awhile to get to sleep the night before. Loki's voice and face haunted you. Visions of who you knew him as blurred disturbingly with the dark, threatening image of his face in his cell. His cage. He was an animal. He was a wolf. At least, that was the form he took when you finally drifted off, haunting you around every corner.
Your eyes felt dry and sore and tired and every time you tried to move, you fell back to the bed. After the monotony of this continuing for nearly a half hour, the taste in your mouth of dry nothing forced you out of the room.
The first thing you sought out was water, which you found and chugged in a daze, almost choking on it. You rubbed your sore and tired eyes, looking around the kitchen. Were those Steve's famous AWESOME pancakes on the stove?
Tony's voice snuck up behind you. "Look who's up."
You turned tiredly, crossing your arms over your chest. "Mmnh...what, no Disney princess jokes?"
"I was gonna
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 226 164
America Doodle by Firesonic152 America Doodle :iconfiresonic152:Firesonic152 9 9 God Bless America by snips800 God Bless America :iconsnips800:snips800 36 29 Upon the Bifrost by KayzioMau Upon the Bifrost :iconkayziomau:KayzioMau 913 150 Ask Steve x Tony: Question 76 by Ask-StevexTony Ask Steve x Tony: Question 76 :iconask-stevextony:Ask-StevexTony 164 71 Samskies and his two Papas by OptimusPrimeMyridian Samskies and his two Papas :iconoptimusprimemyridian:OptimusPrimeMyridian 4 17 suit by smilyimp suit :iconsmilyimp:smilyimp 859 187 New Friend by OptimusPrimeMyridian New Friend :iconoptimusprimemyridian:OptimusPrimeMyridian 8 17


get me
i woke up really early for some reason (it wasn't even my alarms) so by the time mum'd come home from her nightshift early in the morning i was already subbing.


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I'm just a bit weird shhh

i ship anything and everything pretty much

current ship i ship: Hershel Layton/Randall Ascot


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